Dress is the most important element of the wardrobe, and it should be able to choose correctly, especially for the red shoes. There are several options of combining such clothes and shoes.
Red dress the same color shoes to wear, but in that case, if you planned a Grand event. This combination can create a fatal way that will attract admiring glances guests. However, the decision to combine red shoes with the dress with the same color is very bold, and not everyone is settled.
Red shoes combined with black dress is a classic. But we should not forget that in this case, the shoes should have high heels. It will make a note of sexuality in the created image. If the shoes are low-heeled or platform, it will deprive the combination of red and black any interest and meaning.
For romantic natures fit combination of red shoes and white dresses. On the wedding ceremony, you can also show off the taste and to risk this combination. But that's a pretty bold decision, which, however, can conquer others. To complete the look, you can dilute a wedding dress with a red belt.
To get into the trend and look fashionable will help the combination of red shoes with a green dress. In the spring and summer, this outfit will be especially important.
With the combination of red shoes and blue dress need to be careful, as this option is not very harmonious. But in some cases this outfit is still appropriate. For example, dark blue business dress and open red shoes look very original. Otherwise the blue top is better to wear orange shoes.
There are quite extraordinary cases which include clothing of drawings. For example, if the dress has a cow print, Zebra or leopard, you can choose red shoes as shoes, but do not overdo it with color. If leopard print is very bright and intense, it will be evident. And if you combine this image and the red shoes, it would be too challenging. Therefore, there should limit strap or jewellery the same colour as the shoes.
To red shoes a good fit bodycon dress. It is considered that this option may only afford a woman with the figure without flaws. However, with the advent of new technologies in our lives entered the shapewear. Therefore, having tightened them a figure, you can safely clothe in a slinky dress and complement it with red heels.