Casual and business style

Outfit coral color requires you to combine it with a certain color of shoes. While great importance is also the style of dress. Business, for example, would be best combined with pumps black is a classic of the genre, which will allow you to create an uncluttered image.

For strict dress you can also pick up shoes in brown-maroon color. But only shoes, not boots or sandals. This combination of colors is perfect for office work or meetings with clients, which do not require too strict outfit.

To business and casual dress, also suitable beige shoes, which today are at the peak of popularity. And not only boats, but also fashionable louboutins. You do not need to choose a handbag in color of the Shoe now it is considered boring. The best option bag coral color, but a slightly different shade than the dress.
Also will look good bag coral color with a subtle beige element then the image will be even more finished and refined.

Casual style allows for more daring combinations of colors. The coral dress is a light color, for example, will look good pale turquoise shoes. No less interesting is the combination of a dusty coral color with a pale lemon colour.
The handbag should be in tone with the dress or have any element matching the shade with the shoes. With this combination of colors can also be worn bag neutral beige.

A solemn and formal way

For evening events black shoes with a coral dress should be worn with caution, as these shoes require a little more dense material. Otherwise the image can get a little rough. But beige shoes will fit perfectly. And shoes of this color will be combined perfectly with dresses of any length and texture.

To the coral dress you can also pick up gold pumps, since these two colors are very harmoniously fit together to create a festive look. Particularly impressive with the shoes will look outfit, with a length to mid-thigh or knee. If the dress has a pronounced silvery elements, they can blend perfectly with shoes of the same color. Jewelry should match the color of the Shoe under Golden pumps, for example, you only wear yellow gold.

But the white shoes for the evening as to wear is not recommended. Even casual dress can be worn only in case, if you decide to create an image of the 60-ies. With this dress you have to have the white ring or collar.