Before choosing the shoes that will rate your outfit. For casual dress will fit comfortable shoes with low heels, platform or on a continuous sole. Don't need to be on the shoes had a lot of decor, let their simplicity combined with the convenience of dress.
Dresses sport also do not tolerate unnecessary details and heels. Such dresses will fit ballet flats or sport shoes. In no case do not wear sports shoes, because it will spoil your image.
Formal dresses require formal shoes. Such dresses are the mandatory heels, preferably high. If the dress is long, the height of the heels shall not be less than 8 cm, otherwise your figure will be lost. If the dress is light and airy, it will be appropriate open sandals with heels or platform shoes.
Summer sundresses, beach dresses you wear only open shoes. The sundresses will fit both high heels and low sole. Beach dresses combined with sandals and clogs. In any case, do not wear stilettos, you will look at least ridiculous.
In addition to the style of shoes, you need to consider color. If your outfit is limited to dresses and shoes, the shoes must be the same color as the dress, or neutral, contrasting with the General view. If you wear accessories or handbags, shoes it is advisable to wear the color of your beads, bags or hair accessories. In this case your image will be harmonious and complete.
It is best to have in your wardrobe black Shoe with a heel, they are suitable for almost all outfits. And the unexpected celebration you will look gorgeous. Still, the height of the heels is better to choose individually. If you find it difficult to wear the stiletto heel and high heel, do not torture yourself and your feet. Pick shoes with a heel slightly below. But if all your life you wore low shoes, do not be afraid to try the heel – you might like it.