A large number of stomach diseases is the consequence of indigestion. The main reason is the regular overflow of the stomach. Good appetite, clear the senses, excrement, urine and waste gases freely - all this is achieved by the observance of a certain measure in food and knowledge of issues directly affecting health.

Official and folk medicine to treat diseases of the stomach different drugs. The person having the disease, you should see a list of products that contribute to digestion: black pepper, ginger, and dodder, thyme, saxifrage. Also, a positive impact differ rhubarb, pomegranate sweet, pounded with honey and wine, ivy, nutmeg, almond, hawthorn and olives. Any mint - water, brosna, field and pepper – an excellent stimulant for digestion.

Recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of stomach

For failures, the acidity of the stomach (increasing or decreasing) the recommended supplementation from plant Jerusalem sage prickly. This plant stabilizes the acidity with prolonged use.

Preparing medicines from this plant has several options:
- 3 tablespoons herb insist in one Cup of boiling water for 30 minutes, then take three times a day half a Cup;
- 50 grams of herb insist in half a liter of vodka for 12 days in a dark place and then take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

All people with a weak stomach is recommended daily throughout the year from first courses to use ginger for 2 grams per serving three times a day. Approximately one year later all stomach trouble is completely cured. Also, most of the diseases of the stomach can be treated by long-term use of alcohol tinctures of Echinacea-30 drops three times a day.

It is also recommended for a weak stomach to wear on the neck, Jasper. The rope handle so that Jasper was at the level of the stomach. In addition, it is recommended to be taken orally once a day at 1.5 grams.

In various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract an excellent remedy is the mountaineer snake. The powder of its roots are inside of 0.5-1 gram three times a day, squeezed small amounts of boiled water.

It is recommended the use of berries and infusions from them, elderberry, buckthorn, viburnum, mulberry, and mint.

Invalid products for diseases of the stomach

Keep in mind and to avoid the use of products such as milk, beets, tea, coffee, cocoa. It is also recommended to eliminate fried foods, it is preferable to cook steamed, boiled or baked. Smoked, spicy, salty dishes, and various marinades is also better to avoid eating.

You need to try not to eat too hot food, not to irritate the stomach. Pureed soups are recommended on weak broth, cereals, pasta and soups. Not allowed legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables. Better to cook them in a variety of jellies, jellies and mousses. The recommended bake apples and sour berries and fruits to completely eliminate.