Injections to treat and strengthen the gums

In foreign clinics never performed a procedure such as injection for the treatment of the gums, because it inflicts great harm and the teeth and gums. Studies have shown that injection of an antibiotic lead to its accumulation in the tissues of the gums and bone around the teeth. This leads to the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms and as a result inflammation of the gums. Further, it could lead to mobility of teeth. In some Russian offices of hospitals, usually private, such injection is still practiced.

However, the majority of clinics for the treatment of gum disease using antibiotics in tablets and capsules. The only injections that make for strengthening the gums is vitamin injections. Often use vitamin C and aloe Vera. They are strong antioxidants. Due to this, killed a large number of microbes. The shots do normal insulin syringes. Also to strengthen the gums, you can use folk remedies. This is painless, cheap and effective way.

Folk remedies to strengthen the gums

One of the most common popular ways to strengthen the gums is the use of decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants. Usually use chamomile, sage, calendula, St. Johns wort, yarrow, juniper, cowberry leaves, and tricolor violet. Good help in the treatment and strengthening of the gums decoctions of oak bark and lime blossom.

Also to strengthen the gums quite effective massage. It can be done just with your fingers. This will improve circulation and strengthen the gums.

To remove plaque from teeth at home can be added to toothpaste or sea salt. You can also use special toothpaste for bleeding gums. The composition of such pastes includes not only a large number of herbs, but also fluorine, which helps prevent inflammation, strengthen tooth enamel and protect teeth from decay.

In addition, used in the treatment of the gums special gels and ointments. They heal the inflammation, forming a permanent protective film.

For healthy teeth and gums, you should consume various vitamins. If the body lacks vitamin A, it can lead to loosening of the teeth. For proper metabolism of calcium and phosphorus need vitamin D. It helps the absorption and proper assimilation of these elements. Thanks to the vitamin C absorbed calcium in bone cells teeth. Vitamin B6 is administered in the form of preparations or intramuscular injection in periodontal disease.

Lack of calcium in the body can lead to various diseases of the teeth and gums. So its better to take dietary supplements.