When the girl is cheating favorite young man, she feels a horrible feeling after such a betrayal, because there is no more terrible blow than the blow to the female ego. However, the offender can always get revenge. Of course, the first thing that comes to girls in the head is a "bash on bash", it is possible to decide to change him back, and ideally to cheat on him with his friend. But with all this, the fair sex are trying to make the guy know about it. However, to make such a mistake still not worth it, because if you are ready to forgive your boyfriend and want to save the relationship, but also their face and pride, your treachery will only contribute to failure. Just imagine what will you think about the guy you decide to take revenge on her lover. His opinion of you will be spoiled, and, most of all, he tells someone about your act that will also cause the condemnation of others. If you don't care what others think about you, you should think about how you will feel after his betrayal. After all, the first thing to suffer is your personal self-esteem, self-esteem and self-respect.
In order not to fall in their own eyes, you can invent the cheating and tell about this young man. Tell him that you had some affair with one of his friends. Later, friends would convince him otherwise, and then you can admit that actually would not be able to perform such a trick, but some time your guy will still suffer.
Remember, to survive infidelity you need to head. Nothing hurts male pride, as the indifference of the women. Please, being alone, you could painfully clench my fists and cry into my pillow, but from the comfort of home, you need to put on a happy face smile and walk down the street at an easy gait, with his shoulders back, joking and shooting the eyes in opposite men pass by her, probably, now former, boyfriend. Remember that revenge must be accurate and precise.
Another opportunity to punish the guy for treason committed in the following manner. Tell beloved that recently went to the doctor, and discovered you had any sexually transmitted diseases. It is clear that you could not get from anyone except its second half. Most likely, trips to the specialist to remember your incorrect choice.
Psychologists advise to take revenge for the betrayal of small dirty tricks to somehow alleviate their state of mind. It can be torn off buttons on the clothes, cut ties, broken car, a tarnished reputation. You can easily tell your friends and that your boyfriend not only cheated on you, but also in intimate terms not too strong. Agree, after such stories hardly some girl from your total environment to agree to make contact with such a man.