You will need
  • - the services of a lawyer;
  • - a plan of action.
After learning about her husband's infidelity, first of all, calm down. Yes, it's hard, but the decisions made under the influence of strong emotion, can force you later regret it. For example, when you get proof of infidelity, you immediately decide to divorce and will submit the corresponding application. But later can change your mind break up your marriage.
Again double-check the accuracy of the information about her husband's infidelity. Could it be that someone is trying to destroy your family? Quickly believing fictional facts and immediately started decisive action, you can own hands to destroy their happiness. Note that in our time can be faked, even video, not to mention the photos with the "evidence of infidelity".
What if the fact of change leaves no doubt? First of all, don't feel miserable – you are now the warrior, the victory will still be yours. No self-pity, no tears. Only cold determination and revenge!
First, decide you will come away from her husband, or will you stay with him, it's important to choose a strategy of revenge. Suppose you decided to leave, in this case you need to leave with dignity. Namely, taking the best of what you can take. Yes, someone will say that it is unethical. But we are talking about revenge!
Prepare to care. Maybe the husband promised to buy you a new car? Then let him do it now. Promised other expensive gifts? Tactfully remind him about them. Expensive clothes, jewelry – everything! Disembowel his wallet, Bank account – he deserved it!
Be sure to consult with an experienced lawyer, he will help you in the divorce to gain economic independence. Depriving a cheating husband solid part of his wealth, you will cause him a much bigger punch than a resounding slap and a loud defiant slam of the door. However, the pleasure of slapping you myself not to deprive.
Before leaving, take the time to freshen up. Out in all the splendor of his magnificence – let your cheating husband sees what he loses! This will cause him last and very painful blow.
The second option – you decided to stay, to save the marriage. In this case, your job is to keep her husband and make him repent of his foolish act. Remember – we're talking about revenge, so it's your task to make that fallen creature to suffer on my knees to beg you forgiveness. The question is how to do it?
Don't make the scandals, you will further set up her husband against him. Do not ignore their domestic responsibilities – leaving her husband hungry or not wash his shirts, you will also achieve only a negative reaction. So what to do? Almost the same as in the first embodiment will show itself in all its splendor! Do sports, go to massage, visit a Solarium, but so that the husband knew nothing about it. Healthy eating, meditation, positive thinking – you must be the Acme of perfection!
All you have to stay for my husband is not available, it is very important. Headache, not in the mood, the critical days – never know about we can find for refusal? And if the husband knows you know about his infidelity, the failure of reciprocity and there is no problem. At this point, you have the right to throw in his face insulting – "Go to your..." the end of the sentence you can add at your discretion. What of all this? You put a cheating husband before a choice – or you in all its splendor and magnificence, or Hiking to the left. Very useful to let him know that your patience has limits that you will not tolerate cheating. One more time – and he'll lose. And along with you will lose all you have created home.
Remember that revenge is important not to overdo it. Wait for the moment when her husband is on the verge – and forgive him. Can literally offer him on his knees to ask forgiveness, he surely will do it. The rest depends entirely on you – a cheating husband needs to deeply feel that he is better than anyone else.