The main question to be answered after learning about the affair guy, whether to stay with him, hoping to bring back old feelings, or to leave as soon as possible. The first option is justified when the relationship on the side were random and the guy sincerely regrets his actions. Anyway, to make this important decision is with a cool head. Give yourself a weekly time-out to calm down a little and think about the prospects of your relationship. If you decide to give the chosen one another chance, it is necessary to understand the causes of his infidelity and fix them.Sexual dissatisfaction. Despite the fact that modern ladies parted with the complexes, incompatibility in bed often becomes the cause of adultery. If in the beginning you were willing to do this always and everywhere, over time, the desire wanes, their household cares and troubles of life being squeezed out of your head thinking about sex. But man continues to have a strong attraction and wonders why you suddenly so often became a "headache". Unsatisfied, the representative of the stronger sex becomes irritable, rude, aggressive. If the situation does not change, then he begins to look for a girlfriend on the side. To resurrect a past passion, take the example of a private guy who probably thinks about sex almost constantly. And you try to scroll in my head the most piquant memories or their own erotic fantasies. By evening, your only desire will be to quickly drag your beloved to bed.Mental dissatisfaction. Failures and defeats guys perceive much more than girls. Because male pride is very sensitive. So from his lady representatives of the stronger sex are awaiting approval and admiration, which and helps them to reach professional and personal heights. But women often consider it their duty, on the contrary, to criticize and point out his mistakes. In this case the man goes to the left not so much in search of novelty, many hoping to find understanding and support at the new mistress. Don't forget to give your partner as much attention as possible, to discuss with him important issues, and often to make compliments.