In veterinary practice, recently gained a "second life" unjustly forgotten in the past, the drug – creolin. The reason the number of circumstances associated with experiencing domestic industry's difficulties.

What is creolin?

This substance is a viscous liquid with a strong smell of cresol, having a dark brown or dark-brown color. It has protivosnaryadnym and disinfectant properties. There is a physical form of creoline – creolen-X (krakin). The composition of these antiseptics include: rosin, naphthalene, coal oil, soap, Ichthyol, lye. On the basis of the conducted researches it was concluded that creolin is highly effective in combating the eggs of different parasites: bed bugs, mites, aphids, moths, ascarids. The main role in this process is coal oil, on which were developed various insecticidal preparations.

Where to use creolin?

This substance promotes the disinfection and fast healing of wounds, so in 1942 it began to produce industrial way. Currently this drug is available in only one Russian plant – JSC "Veterinary products".

Creolin enhances the effects of other pesticides and is therefore used in conjunction with them in agriculture for the treatment of plants to protect from pests. It is the basis of leptolida – common drug against aphids, mites, moths, the Colorado potato beetle.
For the treatment of agricultural animals (sheep, goats, cattle) used a 3% aqueous solution of creoline. After application to the wool of animals and premises for cattle killed not only the adult parasites but also their eggs.

Treatment people craolina possible in strictly limited cases: when the development of infectious processes, atony, scabies, washing and healing wounds. But for these purposes, the drug is used with extreme caution: in the form of 1-2% solution. The information that the intake of this substance into milk or any other product helps in the healing of cancer been confirmed by any studies and is a simple statement of different traditional healers.

It should be understood that creolin – toxic and no "medical" option, it does not exist. Therefore, you should not experiment with their health, and use this medication only for the purposes approved by growers, doctors, and veterinarians.