Milk fat is necessary for balanced nutrition, arachidonic acid contained in it, is indispensable for the process of metabolism. It is well digested and absorbed by the body. Fat is in it in the form of fat globules. The size and number of them, as well as the fat content determined by genetics and depends on the breed, species, individual characteristics, physiological, technological and external factors.
In natural milk the fat varies from 3.6 to 4.6%. One and the same cow at different times may have different fat content, it depends on many factors: diet, season, age, content. Milk of "red" rocks are more bold than black and white. Jersey cows in the breed is not bred is characterized by high – fat- 6-8%. Jersey bulls are crossed with other dairy breeds to increase iranolacerta.
Revealed a pattern - the more cow's milk, so it is thinner, so the highly productive milk animals loses in quality. The amount of fat is affected by lactation, in the first days after calving the milk is non-greasy, it becomes gradually thicker, higher fat content is 8-9 months pregnant cows. Old cow milk is thinner than the young. In winter on dry feed (hay) fat content increases. When feeding silage to neutralize the acid and to improve the quality of milk in the diet of introduced root vegetables, pumpkin, squash. Well increases the fat content of the sunflower cake. Concentrates better to feed after milking, the glucose contained in them is processed into milk fat. The taste of milk depends on the amount of fat, it makes it more tender.
Reduce oiliness: straw, feed grains, beet tops, green grass. Influence the fat content and the conditions of detention - shed should be dry and clean. While Ivanova in a humid room decreases fat.
The amount of fat determined by the apparatus − lactometer, but in home conditions you can do without it. Take the tube to a 150 ml pour into it the milk 100 ml and leave it for a time, for 5-6 hours, during this time, the cream will settle. Measure the height of the cream, do simple calculations: height of milk is taken as 100%, therefore, the height of the cream – it will be the fat percentage. Milk fat settles on the walls of the glass vessel, after the liquid milk walls remain almost clean.