A place in the flower garden

Choosing plants for future flower beds shaded plot, it is necessary to take into account the many conditions that affect growth and flower development. For these conditions you need to look closely at the intended place of landing, to find out what is the duration of being there is direct sunlight. As a result of these observations it is possible to classify land for future plantings.

The shadow implies only 3 hours direct sunlight in the middle of the day when the rest of the illumination area is virtually nonexistent.

Partial shade in the peak of the solstice is in the shade, and in the rest of the day is a 3-hour illumination. This category includes the areas with good illumination of flowerbeds throughout daylight hours, but no penetration of the direct rays of the sun.

The sparse shadow allows the garden greenery to be under the sun's rays that penetrate through the loose foliage of the trees.

The flower garden in dry shady place

Usually such places are located under the large trees that densely cover the sun and take its root system from the soil almost all nutrients. The shadow does not give moisture to evaporate, but at the same time, the powerful crown of the tree almost do not miss the rain. For such places are perfect shadow bulbous plants, blooming in early spring or end of autumn.

From the spring of representatives is the most shown primroses, which give the first seedlings as soon as the snow melts among the garden trees, because it is their natural habitat. Early-flowering snowdrops, hyacinths, daffodils, Crocus, or primrose will adorn any dry shady garden. The rest of the winter and spring, the bulbs of these flowers accumulate the necessary moisture, which helps to hold the bloom and in summer to stay at rest.

Dull autumn landscape with autumn crocuses, he lost his parents, Colchicum. Colchicum can easily be confused with a Crocus, but it is the most common Crocus, blooming in the fall. Thrives in partial shade garden autumn cyclamen and hardy saxifrage, and Aconite, you can build this decorative wall.

Flower garden in a moist shady place

Such places are characterized by free penetration of precipitation and soil structure, which is able long to hold moisture. Of the drawbacks of wet shadows can be noted, the reproduction of slugs, which can damage plantings.

To shadow water-loving plants include all varieties of lilies, Aquilegia, Solomon's seal, astilba, Hosta and other hardy plants with large leaves. Separately want to talk about, astilbe that can delight the eye with colors ranging from purple to milky white. In shady and damp areas of the garden, it will give long and abundant flowering, which really decorate the infield. Comfortable in such places feel bells, ferns, male fern, strasnick. Ditsentra magnificent in bright sunlight can fall into a state of peace, to the arrival of the first of coolness and autumn rains to feast your eyes on unusual flowering.