You will need
  • A healthy plant with an open or closed root system, garden shovel, sand or grass-roots peat depending on your type of soil, fertilizers, mulch.
The choice of location
It is the choice of the place depends on how fast your host will show itself in all its glory. Different varieties of host can exist in different range of light conditions from deep shade to bright sun. And yet the host prefers light moving shadow, what happens under the trees. The thinner the leaves of the hosts, the less of sun per day she needs. Especially sensitive to sunlight varieties with blue leaves. Pay attention to the climate of your location: the higher the average daily temperature in summer, the more shade the plant will need. Hosts undemanding to the soil, only waterlogged, heavy clay loams are not suitable for growing this wonderful plant.
Hosta Gold Standard
Preparing the planting hole
Prepare the site for hosts in advance. Dig a large enough hole and fill it with appropriate substrate. Sandy soil improve introduction of non-acidic peat and heavy clay loam is diluted with sand. Fill in the planting hole fertilizer, suitable mixture of ammonium nitrate, superphosphate and potassium sulfate (1-4-1). It is not necessary to make chicken manure, and be careful with other organic fertilizers. Excess nitrogen will cause the leaves of Hosta loses its decorative effect. Leave the planting hole, filled with substrate, for 1-2 days, that the soil is a little donkey.
Host June
Just before planting make a hole the size of the plant. For planting plants with open root system make at the bottom of the hill in the form of a cone. Place the plant on top of the cone, and the roots carefully spread on its slopes. Holding the host with your hand, pour the ground to the level of the cervix. Keep the neck of the plant has not been buried. Water generously, and when the ground settles, add the soil. Over mulch plant. For mulch it is better to use pine chips or bark. The sharp edges of this mulch will protect the plant from slugs. Hosts grow very slowly, and the first 4-5 years it is not necessary to disturb the plants or transfers by division.
Hosta Regal Splendor