How to plan a garden

Smashing garden inexperienced gardeners can experience difficulties when planning the planting of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs. Thus, they seek to plant as many saplings, completely oblivious to the fact that adult trees will need much more free space, otherwise the plants in conditions of high crowding will nachto to get sick and die. Of the crop and the desired decorative effect can in this case not wait.

To get the most out of the garden, you need to follow certain rules and when planting to take into account soil type, climatic conditions, characteristics of the plant species (maximum height, crown width, growth rate, maximum yield, proximity of plants).

Do not hurry, it is better to approach the matter thoroughly, it is advisable to first make a schematic plan of the site. Will also be useful to read professional literature and to define your expectations: you need to have in the garden, trees and shrubs to create a beautiful composition landscape design green thumb or is planning to sell their harvest on the market. Otherwise, a large number of fruit trees will be a necessary condition, but it is desirable to keep the necessary balance between beauty and garden use.

What trees to plant in the recreation area

For rest it is possible to create a garden area that would protect from the scorching sun, gave a cool and soft the sparse shade, where you can sit in the gazebo, peaceful to relax on a sun lounger, listen to the rustling leaves, buzzing insects, birds singing. If the area at the moment, there are no plants, is to achieve this goal is to choose fast-growing shrubs and trees: can it be lime, ornamental elderberry, guelder Buldini, lilac, mock orange, hydrangea or varietal Rowan, wild cherry. Their advantage is that they are during flowering and fruit ripening decorate the garden, decorative in any season, and their leaves ranging from pale green spring to ruby red in autumn, and late autumn, the garden will be decorated with bright bunches of fruit, and also serve as a food source for birds in winter.

You can plant trees that grow slowly. These include the conifers: cedar, ornamental spruce. But these trees will give a thick, dense shade is not to everyone's taste, so it's best to use such plants for the decoration of the lawn, and recreational areas to stay still on deciduous trees such as lime, Apple, birch. Unified Council can not be because each site has its specific features. If there is any doubt of the correct choice of plants, you can always consult with experts to create a landscape design.