From the demi-Monde in the shade

Plants that can tolerate the lack of light, require different conditions. Some flowers are a good feel in permanent shadow, for example, in the corner of the room, in closets or in the hallways that have no Windows. Such plants include species with thick dark leaves, aspidistra, gelksina, scindapsus (forms solid sheets), sansevieria, aglaonema, philodendron climbing. Some of these colors - for example, gelksina better feel for intermittent movement in a more lighted place.

In the penumbra well grow some species of dracaena and ivy, cordyline, fatshederu, tolmie, fats, dwarf ficus, monstera, dieffenbachia, ficus and ferns. These plants can be placed in the center of rooms or in areas where colors will be provided with artificial lighting.

Shade-tolerant plants do not tolerate direct sun - it can burn the leaves and ruin the flower. Bright rays should be protected from direct sunlight by curtains or blinds. Don't like the shade-loving flowers and excess moisture in the conditions of insufficient lighting the leaves can affect gray mold and fungus.

The best option for these plants - moderate watering soft water and remove from heating devices. Too high temperatures are undesirable. The room where the flowers need to air, avoiding cold air directly on the plants.
Shade-tolerant variegated forms of plants can grow with a lack of light, but in the shadows of their leaves will darken and lose the picture.

Choose plants

One of the best plants for indoor gardening - ivy. This unpretentious room vine grows in all conditions. Variegated forms need more color and plants with dark green leaves tolerate constant shade. Ivy is easily propagated by shoots, does not require frequent stops, and fertilizing. He needs moderate watering, and a support on which the flower will curl.

Very striking, large-leaved Liana - fatshederu, hybrid ivy and fatsiyi. This powerful plant is suitable for processing green of the walls, ceilings, corridors with artificial lighting. Fischeder prefers cool and humid air. So that leaves adorned the street, clean them, and in the warm season wash plant with water at room temperature.

For indoor gardening suitable beautiful ferns. In the shadow of the feel good variety with brightly colored leaves. In the summer the ferns can be put on a balcony or veranda, enhancing irrigation and pritenyaya from the sun.

Those who are just mastering indoor gardening, suitable for the most undemanding of plants - epipremnum and sansevieria. The first relates to the variety of vines. Money plant tolerates temperature extremes and air pollution, making it an indispensable herb for the kitchen. The plant needs good watering and transplanting every two or three years.
Shade-loving plants live well with each other - they can be planted in the same capacity, creating effective compositions.

Sansevieria perfect for landscaping the corners of rooms and hallways, and creating home Alpine. It grows in any containers, the root system of a flower does not need a thick layer of soil. So the plant looked beautiful, regularly clean the leaves and keep watering.