Features astilbe

For astilbe characterised by a powerful root system, which is not afraid of any weeds. Thus the plant can be easily propagated by dividing rhizomes. There are many modern varieties astilby differing in size of the Bush, flowering time, shape of leaves and flowers gathered in panicles of the ornamental for which grow this plant.

Despite its ruggedness and endurance, astilba still needs minimal maintenance: the plant should periodically divide and transplant to a new location, since the thickening of the flowers begin to shrink and astilba loses its decorative effect. Besides, the old roots begin to bulge out of the ground, it can lead to freezing the bushes in the winter. In such cases, you can pour the roots with humus or peat, if it is not possible to produce an autumn transplant.

Planting care

For planting you need to choose a moist shady places with a high groundwater level. Quite favorably this plant belongs to zakislenna soils, but are very responsive to the application of mineral and organic fertilizers. Divide the rhizome so that each part should have remained at least one sleeping kidney, in this case, astilba faster growth. When preparing the beds need to be added to the ground wood ash, bone meal, humus and potash fertilizer. After planting, the beds should be thoroughly watered and mulch peat or humus.

For high-quality and abundant flowering, astilbe need to ensure timely watering. Dry hot air, the scorching sun and the dryness of the soil astilbe undesirable: in this weather the leaves curl, flowering diminishes or disappears. After flowering panicles is recommended to crop to help the plant prepare for winter. If there is time, it is possible to leave them on the bushes – the faded panicles are very decorative, and pinnatisect leaves of a plant, they look fascinating in the winter, covered with snow.

Astilba in the shady garden

Carefully selecting varieties astilby, it is possible to achieve continuous flowering throughout the season, from late June until late autumn. She looks great next to the day lilies, Phlox, ferns and hosts. On the waterfront astilba fine will be combined with the analysis, saxifrage and botulinium. Its luxurious sheets she zadekorirovat faded plants; when planting dwarf varieties astilba will be a perfect decoration Alpine slide or mixborders. Once planted this plant in the garden, the gardener will need a long time fascinated by her low-key but so elegant and appropriate in every shady corner of the garden beauty.