You will need
  • Notepad or notebook, pen.
First of all, think and decide – and whether you need it? And why do I need? Personal diary is a secret, which is owned by only you. It's your best friend and personal therapist. And after some time you can publish excerpts from his Internet blog.
Purchase in store a notebook or diary at your discretion. Choose a diary that there was less extraneous printed labels. If you it does not hurt when filling – you can choose any. If you are afraid of the amount you have purchased a notebook ("how did it all to fill!") – take to begin with a small number of pages. That is to say – for the sample.
How you will record is your own business. But there is nothing wrong if you will not so often have to turn to the diary. Write several short sentences on the characteristics of the day. You can do a detailed story about the event exciting for you. Before each entry, put the date – this will subsequently allow us to determine the time that you spent on the solution of a problem.
Decorate your diary. Write different paste, apply pictures, attach pictures or newspaper clippings. Your diary can be like a small encyclopedia of your personal life. If you wish, but keep it in a safe place.
Record in a diary the story of his birth, the family history. Can enter dreams or interesting stories, anecdotes, songs, poems, aphorisms. It is possible that you have a certain opinion of some people – write it down. If you are tormented by any problem or anger – it all pour out on paper. This will be a little easier, and after some time you will remember what happened and learn a lesson.
Human memory may fail you, the Internet blog not to work, but the diary will never let you down. With it, you remember the past and not very happy moments of your life.