Select notebook for journaling. In book and stationery stores, you can buy ready-made model, but the diary you cando independently of diary or album. Importantly, the format of the notebook was easy for records and to be able to paste or insert pictures. You can make your own, sticking to the cover photo of a child or another pleasant picture. If you want you can do the electronic version of the journal.
Date every entry. Subsequently, you will be able to correlate the information with specific age of the child.
Start recording with the desired to you now. It can be the birth of a child, pregnancy or even the time when you began to plan the birth of a son or daughter. As an illustration, you can select not only photos of your family, but also beautiful pictures from magazines. If you can draw, take advantage of this at registration.
Record not only the dry figures about the change of the height and weight of the child, but the various anecdotes and situations. Also you can discuss your experiences. But do not forget that kids album is not your personal diary. Subsequently, it will be able to read the strangers and the child in a more adult.
If you invite guests for the first birthday of the child, highlight the page in your diary for writing wishes. The holiday child, of course, will not remember, but you and he will subsequently be interested to read the records of relatives and friends.
Give the father the opportunity to participate in the drafting of the diary, if he wants to. In such a situation you will look at the child from the point of view of both parents.
When the child begins to speak, his first record phrase and interesting conclusions. Subsequently you'll like this one.