First think, what is the size of a refrigerator, where you put it and how big it should be. Given the allotted space for fridgeand selects its size. The volume should allow to place products not closely, and to reserve free space for air circulation. When buying you also need to consider the scale of the doors. In the open state they may significantly interfere, if the room is close. For some models, the refrigerators, it is possible to change the side opening doors.
One of the main selection criteria is the number of cameras. One-part – refrigeratorand small size with one door. They mostly only the refrigerator compartment. But it happens and freezer compartments where you can put no more than two kilograms of meat. With two cameras the refrigeratorand most common. The advantage of such a refrigerators that when the opening of one chamber, second cold atmosphere is not disturbed. Because of this, the energy savings necessary to maintain a certain temperature. There are three-chambered refrigerator, but they are not widely distributed, as partitions between the chambers eat useful volume.
There is one and dvukhkoridornye refrigeratorI. Which one to choose depends on many factors. If the fridge is small, it is better with one compressor. Big fridge with such functions will be simultaneously work and the freezer and refrigerator compartment. That is, in case when you need to lower the temperature only in one of the chambers, the compressor will start to cool both, while spending extra energy. Therefore, it is best to take the fridge with two compressors.
The price criterion is the most important factor. Choose a refrigerator is more expensive than your budget allows does not work. The cost will depend on the number of cameras and system functions defrost. The cost of the fridgeand vary widely by manufacturer. German refrigeratorand will cost much more than their counterparts of the Russian Assembly.