The non-stick coating on the pan was specially designed to fry it food without oil. Cooking in this pan, should not only make delicious meals, but also rid them of excess fat. However, not all of the pan with non-stick coating are of high quality, so low-fat food on a little stick. In this case, it is necessary to add in a pan a little oil - no more than a tablespoon. Another way to avoid this situation is to purchase a rather expensive high-quality frying pan with non-stick coating.
Need to warn you that this pan is not too hard to heat up without food in them: non-stick coating can release dangerous elements from the great heat. So if your pan gets hot and you smell better to quickly ventilate the room for your safety. In addition, it should be noted, are such that the pan is not very long, in a few years they will have to change due to the fact that the surface of the scratch and the food will stick with the bottom.
So, preheat the pan is not very strong, if desired, add a little oil, but don't overdo it. Spread butter over the entire surface of the pan. Then when it warms up a bit, put the dish in the middle. Good warm up or fry it on one side, flip to the other. For pans with non-stick coating, you can use only a plastic or wooden spoon. Do not use steel blades or forks to flip your food - the sharp edges can damage the special coating and frying pan will quickly become worthless.
Put the finished dish and spatula - non-stick coating should not be hitting on the products after frying. It now remains to decompose the dish on plates and enjoy healthy and tasty food. Cooking with this pan is capable of several times to reduce the fat content of the food, save the excellent taste of food and human health.
However, to fry on a frying pan is completely without oil will not work. Many of the dishes are good only in a large amount of oil. Croutons, doughnuts, French fries, meat in breadcrumbs to fry quite impossible without the use of oil. In this case, to make meals less calories and remove the excess oil, just after cooking, spread them on paper napkin which will absorb excess fat.