In order to issue a passport for your child, parents need to contact the Department of Migration service of the Russian Federation at the place of residence. It must be done at least three weeks before departure. And it is better to take care of this much earlier to avoid problems before the trip.
In the Migration Service of the Russian Federation you need to fill the application for issuance of a passport to your child. Statement make a neat sample and in capital letters. This statement you need to make 2 photos of the child standard pattern (if it is already 6 years old), birth certificate and a copy of the citizenship certificate copy and original passport of a parent or guardian, the receipt on state duty, which need to pre-pay in the Bank.
If you're complete right and will bring all the required documents, the passport can be picked up in 2-2,5 weeks. The child in the process of obtaining passports do not have to be present.
If your child goes abroad with you, you can not make him a separate passport. But you need to record it in the parent passport . To do this, the Migration Service of the Russian Federation to bring the application for the entry of the child to your passport, a receipt for 50 rubles on payment of the registration fee, a copy of the citizenship certificate of the child, his photo (if he has more than 6 years). During the week your passport will fit your child.
If the child goes abroad without parents, then make sure that the accompanying person had the written consent of parents to departure of the child from the country, which shall be certified by a notary. Otherwise the child will not be allowed on passport control. If the child goes with the mother, you will need the consent of the Pope the removal of the child from the home country, and Vice versa.
If a child travels abroad alone, it is desirable that parents not only take care of the passport, but the medical insurance policy. The trip can happen. Therefore, explain to the child and his escort, where to go in case of a difficult situation. Write the child a list of phone numbers he should call if something happens. Sign bags and valuables in Latin letters, because children tend to lose themselves or lose things.
If you give your child a large sum of money on the trip (over $ 3,000), then you need to take from the Bank's special certificate of permission to take this amount from the territory of the Russian Federation.