The choice of the passport

Currently, for registration of the passport offer a choice of old sample and new biometric. Both have legal force. The only difference is that the biometric issue with child birth, it is equipped with a microchip that contains information about the owner of the passport, and has a three-dimensional picture. Also the validity of both passports are different, if the new — 10 years old 5 years. Therefore, when choosing a passport, this should be an argument to keep in mind as children age will vary appearance. When the biometric passport can be asked to exchange the passport much earlier of its expiration if the baby's face is heavily modified. Yes, and the fee passports is different. The cost of the old passport for persons who are not yet 14 years old, costs 300 rubles, for a new with a microchip — 1200 R., children of 14 to 18 years, the stamp duty amounts to 1000 p and R. 2500 plus Another document of the old sample that when applying the presence of a child under 14 years is optional, while receiving biometric child needs to in a special cabin to take a picture.

The list of documents for a child passport

To obtain a biometric passport, you must write a statement in one copy. The statement is written on behalf of the legal representative of the child.
Photographs should be color or black and white oval. You will also need one photo from the parent-the applicant. Photos are better in the Studio.
Need the applicant's passport, birth certificate of the child with the liner on citizenship or passport, for those who already have 14 or more years old passport if available. Also need 2 photos. In the photo to the free of charge passport photograph in the Department of the Federal migration service. When filing documents necessary to pay the legal costs and to provide employees with a receipt.

If a parent wants to make their old-style passport of a child under 14 years, you must provide your passport, passport, birth certificate and a document which confirms the child's Russian citizenship, two photos of size 3.5 x 4.5.

To get yourself ready passport for the child, be sure the presence of the applicant. As a child, even if he is 14-18 years old, is a minor.
List of documents for the issue of child document of the old sample will need the same documents as for a new sample. The only child until 14 years in case of submission of documents and obtaining a passport can be a starting lead. Children 14 to 18 years old should come upon receipt in order to put a personal signature in the passport.

The documents for registration are submitted to the Department of the Federal migration service at the place of residence of a parent of the applicant or through an electronic portal. In many of the FMS of Russia on far-fetched reasons, insist to issue the passport of the new sample. But you should know that by law the passport of the old sample has the same legal effect as a biometric.