A list of documents that will require you to FMS for registration of the passport for a biometric one document, and ordinary. Different forms, dimensions, registration fee and number of photographs: for passport of the old sample will need to bring 4 photos, for biometric — 2 (one — dimensional — you will right in the division FMS). The photos will fit both color and black-and-white in size 35?45 mm strictly full face.In addition to photos and receipts for payment of registration fee will need to present:- the application form for obtaining the passport in 2 copies;- passport;- work book or extract from it;- men of military age — military ID or proof of military registration and enlistment office form 32;- to the persons passing military service — permit command;- persons having a criminal record — a certificate that the criminal record is extinguished.The subtleties of ancetance the information in the application form fill out very truthfully — all of the data you will be thoroughly checked, and if there are inconsistencies in the issuance of the passport you will be denied.In the application form shall contain information about work/school over the past 10 years, including about studying in high school. If seniority had a break for more than 1 month, it is necessary to specify. If the application form does not have enough space reserved to fill in the information, the data into the application to the application form. Forms can be downloaded from the website of the FMS of Russia http://www.fms.gov.ru/documents/passport/Работающие citizens and students must assure the application form at the place of work/study, the application cannot be certified by a relative. For example, if a passport prepares a woman working in the firm headed by her legal husband, to assure the questionnaire would have his Deputy, chief accountant, etc. to the entrepreneurs in the questionnaire should be assured of your tax.How to avoid problems the Internet you can read a lot of complaints that the bodies of the FMS on the ground put forward the requirements are somewhat different from the usual. To avoid misunderstandings, please visit your regional Department of FMS and carefully read the posted there a sample registration application forms, please specify how and where you can assure the application form and what additional documents need to submit. Address and contact numbers of your local branch of the migration service you can find on the website of the Federal migration service http://www.fms.gov.ru/about/apparatus/.В large cities have firms that offer mediation services on registration of passports: filling out forms, filing documents, reducing the time of obtaining a passport. To contact them or not — you decide. Be careful, beware of scams.Do not forget also about the possibility to apply for the issuance of the passport online. This can be done on a Single portal of public services http://www.gosuslugi.ru (new version of the site http://epgu.gosuslugi.ru/pgu/). To send the application form, you first need to register on the portal. This procedure is free, but keep in mind that to complete it you will need to enter the activation code. A registered letter containing this code, you will receive about a week after filling the registration data.In online application form you will need to upload your photo, so if you don't have a scanner, take care of digitizing the photos in advance.After a while after you submit the online application form, you will be contacted by the staff of the FMS and let you know when and where you will need to present other necessary documents, make a biometric photo, etc.