You will need
  • -the passport of the parent;
  • -the statement;
  • -the birth certificate.
Please note that from 1 March 2010, Russian citizens have passport of the new sample - the so-called biometric passport. In this document there is a microchip which stores the holder's personal data. However, he has the protection level of banknotes. But the biometric passport of the child to write impossible.
If you have a passport of this type, for children you must obtain a separate passport the same sample. Please note that this document must be a picture of his little owner.
Contact the territorial Department of the FMS, which will tell you the cost of children's passports, dates of issue, and what documents you will need for this.
Under existing rules, you must provide the following documents for the child, whose age has not yet reached eighteen years of age: original internal passport of one parent of the applicant, the original and a copy of a passport and / or birth certificate of the child, two copies of the application, completed by the parent applicant. Note that such a statement should be printed on two sides of a single sheet. You present the old passport and the original and a copy of the liner of the Russian citizenship of the child. The liner can be obtain at the passport office where you are registered.
Pay slips issued to you in the territorial division of the Federal migration service. Receipt which confirms payment of the state fee in the Bank, present together with other listed documents. State duty for today is: 1200 roubles for the child, under the age of 14, 2500 rubles per child from 14 years.
Bring the child to the Department of the Federal migration service to do on-site photos. After submission of all documents expect when the passport will be ready.