Advice 1: How to enter the child in the passport of the new sample

Sometimes parents have to go abroad to work, on a trip or for any other purpose. It is possible that the child's home to leave neither the desire nor the opportunity. But to take their child abroad on a trip, he first need to apply for a passport.
How to enter the child in the passport of the new sample
You will need
  • -the passport of the parent;
  • -the statement;
  • -the birth certificate.
Please note that from 1 March 2010, Russian citizens have passport of the new sample - the so-called biometric passport. In this document there is a microchip which stores the holder's personal data. However, he has the protection level of banknotes. But the biometric passport of the child to write impossible.
If you have a passport of this type, for children you must obtain a separate passport the same sample. Please note that this document must be a picture of his little owner.
Contact the territorial Department of the FMS, which will tell you the cost of children's passports, dates of issue, and what documents you will need for this.
Under existing rules, you must provide the following documents for the child, whose age has not yet reached eighteen years of age: original internal passport of one parent of the applicant, the original and a copy of a passport and / or birth certificate of the child, two copies of the application, completed by the parent applicant. Note that such a statement should be printed on two sides of a single sheet. You present the old passport and the original and a copy of the liner of the Russian citizenship of the child. The liner can be obtain at the passport office where you are registered.
Pay slips issued to you in the territorial division of the Federal migration service. Receipt which confirms payment of the state fee in the Bank, present together with other listed documents. State duty for today is: 1200 roubles for the child, under the age of 14, 2500 rubles per child from 14 years.
Bring the child to the Department of the Federal migration service to do on-site photos. After submission of all documents expect when the passport will be ready.

Advice 2 : How to enter the child in the passport

Widespread child prostitution, sales of organs, illegal trade in children and of litigation between divorced spouses rights of the child, has led to increased requirements for border crossing kids.

Children can be issued a separate passport (if they themselves go abroad), and it is also possible to enter the child in the passport of both parents or one of them. Children inscribed in the passport of parents, usually provided free of charge visa without consular fees (excluding entry to Turkey). A separate passport a child may need, if he will have to return from abroad, sooner or later their parents.

When the border is crossed by children, the guards present a clear requirement for the "How many entered on a visa, the same should, and go back." For example, if the child together with the mother went abroad to visit grandma for a week, and then decided to stay another 3 days, then mother without him back will not be released if the child was simply written in her passport. In such cases, it is best to issue a separate passport for the child.

If the child will continue to travel only with one parent, then you just need to fit it into your passport.

How to enter the child in the passport and is it always necessary to do this?

1. This can be done absolutely free of charge, upon receipt of the passport one of the parents. For this you need to bring to OVIR metric of a child and four of his photographs.

2. To enter the children only in the passport of the old sample, provided that the child is not yet 14 years old.

3. Best of all, when a juvenile entered in the passports of both parents.

4. The law also prohibits children have a separate passport and be entered in the passport of parents.

5. If the passport has been received, and the child in it is not inscribed, you should contact the local police Department and ask them to make the appropriate entry. For this you just need to bring the following documents:

duplicate and original birth certificate with a mark about citizenship;

four color or black and white photos (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm) that are made on matte photo paper (the same applies to young children);

- your passport;

- photocopy of employment record;

- 3 photos.

6. Collected documents necessary to include for delivery to the MFA or OVIR.

7. Turnaround time is typically no more than one month.

If a child is traveling abroad accompanied by one parent need notarized permission from the other parent. Just go to any notary and get a permission.

To travel without the consent of the child's departure in Turkey and Egypt.

The paperwork for travel abroad is necessary to approach with all responsibility. This can save you a lot of time, money and nerves when meeting with the border guards.

Advice 3 : How to paste in a passport photo of the child

In April 2009 introduced a new rule about gluing in in the passport photos of the child. If earlier parents had to paste photos of children aged 6-14 years, now – even infants.
How to paste in a passport photo of the child
You will need
  • - two photographs of the child (for gluing in in the passport of parents);
  • - photocopy of birth certificate of the child;
  • - the passport of the parent;
  • - copy of the liner on citizenship of the child;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
Photos of children pasted in a passportas parents in the FMS at the place of residence. Before you apply there, make a photocopy of the birth certificate of the child, as well as a photocopy of the liner on citizenship.
Take a picture of the child. Required format for black – and-white or color images in an oval size: 3.5-4.5 cm
Pay the stamp duty on pasting pictures – 50 rubles. An invoice sample you can see on the stand in the FMS. If you don't want to fill out a receipt for yourself, take advantage of the Bank – 10 - 20 rubles, you will fill out a receipt for payment of registration fee.
Submit documents to the migration service at the place of residence. If papers are in order, they will, and say the waiting time for passports. Usually the whole process takes a week.
Be sure to check the holographic print on the photos of the child in your passportE. the Absence of such a stamp can create problems when crossing the border, in the worst case you will not be let into the country. Holographic seal confirms that the photo of the child pasted not you, and the employees of the Federal migration service.
If you have received the passport before April 2009, then it should already be part of your children or child and paste a photo is not necessary if the age of children less than six years. But as practice shows, when crossing the border there are great difficulties, if there are no photos of children in the passport, so paste better anyway. If you have issued or plan to issue biometric passport, the photo of the child or children to paste is not exactly right. Moreover, in a biometric passport do not make any information about children. But in this case it is necessary to make a separate passport for each child.
Useful advice
Pasting pictures of the child in the passport - long procedure. If the deadline, the paperwork best left to professionals. In FMS, you can learn whether there are special rates for immediate pasting photo in the passport or ask information about the firms engaged in the design documents. If you contact a company yourself without the recommendations of the Federal migration service, be vigilant and beware of scams.
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