You need to remember if ever in your life diseases such as rubella. If you can't remember it or you are in doubt, need to be tested for the relevant antibodies. With the help of this analysis will be revealed for the first time whether the body is faced with infection or have already endured it. The analysis seems to exclude the risks of Contracting rubella during pregnancy and of infection of the fetus infection. Any infections negatively affect the course of pregnancy, entails extreme negative effects, including can cause miscarriage.
Mandatory women planning pregnancy, rents urinalysis and General blood analysis. The results of the tests, the doctor will be able to make a conclusion about the presence or absence in a woman's body inflammations or disorders in the kidney, blood sugar and other indicators, comparing them with the norm.
You need to be tested for hidden sexual infections such as chlamydia, Gardnerella, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, herpes viruses, CMV. In the normal smear difficult to detect, as they are called hidden because they are often in the body in "sleep mode", that is asymptomatic. Upon detection of the causative agents of these infections in the body, it is necessary to treat them mandatory to complete disappearance. During an already existing pregnancy to treat them is difficult, because the antibiotics included in the treatment, can harm the fetus.
Then, you must undergo ultrasound diagnostics of small pelvis organs, and mammary glands. Ultrasound is necessary in order to forewarn diseases of the female internal organs, the mammary glands of the mother, and the detection thereof, in time to begin treatment. This method is popular due to its high informative value and safety for the woman's body.
Women planning a pregnancy, must be checked for AIDS, hepatitis and syphilis. Tests give up because the presence of these infections in the body of the mother is the cause of abnormalities in the unborn child, can lead to various negative consequences. Direction to the analyses also subscribes the attending physician, in some cases, examination infections are both future parents.
It is necessary to take a blood test to determine group and RH factor. And also get tested for thyroid hormones and sex hormones. Such analyses provide the possibility of reliable assessment of the health status of women and complement the overall picture of the status of the health of expectant mothers.