Planning conception of baby is very sensitive and important lesson, treat it with great eagerness and attention. The process of pregnancy planning always implies a time of preparation before the birth of the child. Specialists reproductive recommend to allocate the preparation to 10 months. Medical examination is one of the most important stages of the preparatory activities.
In the absence of parents of various chronic diseases – the number of health workers that need to visit is much reduced.

Check for the presence of infection

To inspect your body and the body of the partner to different kinds of infections, you need to pass blood tests for infection.

- Rubella (if the person is sure that rooting it in childhood, the need for this analysis, there is, in unclear cases, it is recommended to spend). At the time of detection of antibodies to the rubella, the doctor gives the conclusion: the child's conception should be postponed for several months. At this time, the protection is intended for the acquisition of immunity;

- Herpes. Such infection as herpes is in the human body are constantly. All therapies are intended only for a decrease in activity of the virus. To get rid of the infection impossible. Analysis during the planning of conception need only to assess the risk of infection during pregnancy and child birth;

- Toxoplasmosis (infection that can be transmitted to animals, including Pets);

- RW— syphilis;


- HbSAg — hepatitis B;

- HCV — hepatitis C.

In addition, when planning a pregnancy, both partners need to take smear for hidden infections, which can threaten the development of the fetus Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, chlamydia. Often such infections occur without symptoms and the person does not know about them.

Many clinics now offered a blood test for female hormones. It can be used to assess the overall health of the woman and her genitalia.
Attention! A medical examination and passing the required tests are compulsory for both partners.

What you need to learn RH and blood group

Blood to clarify the RH factor is especially recommended to couples who plan a 2nd and subsequent pregnancies. The difference in groups and rhesus monkey blood, the future spouses can lead to RH conflict. With each subsequent pregnancy the risk of such an unpleasant and dangerous situation increases several times.

Study ultrasound

Ultrasound is recommended prior to conception all women to rule out late to treat diseases of the ovaries, uterine fibroids, dysfunctional sexual organ. Also with the help of ultrasound we can assess the compliance of the mucous membranes of the fallopian each phase of the menstrual cycle.