Cause of infertility in women can be migrated earlier inflammatory and infectious diseases, abortion, abdominal surgery in the pelvic area. Adhesions in the abdomen and the obstruction of the fallopian tubes are also the reason why a woman cannot conceive a child. To identify these problems, you need to undergo a gynecological examination and ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs, which can be detected in various inflammatory processes. Hysterosalpinography is assigned for determination of tubal patency and hysteroscopy will help to determine the presence of pathologies in the uterine cavity. To determine whether ovulation, prescribe hormonal evaluation at 2-4 day cycle and on day 21. Attention is drawn to the menstrual cycle if it is irregular, it may be the reason that you are not ovulating, i.e. the egg, ready for fertilization, is not Mature.Because infertility may be associated with endocrine diseases, in particular metabolic disorders, excess weight, it is recommended that the survey endocrinologist, who appoints analyzes on hormones, and if necessary the treatment. Also taken into account and, protect the woman, for example, the use of IUDs is quite often the cause of inflammatory processes in organs of small pelvis, which can negatively affect fertility.
The cause of infertility may not be in the woman and the man. Inadequate sperm motility, low sperm quality, infectious diseases, hydrocele, varicocele, Smoking, alcohol abuse, constant stress and other factors may reduce the ability of men to reproduce offspring. To identify male infertility should be examined by a urologist to be checked for the presence of infectious diseases, including sexually transmitted to do semen analysis, which will assess the quality and quantity of seminal fluid. To determine the cause of infertility in men a lot easier, so best to partner examined to exclude the possibility that the problem in it. If a man is healthy, then you should look for the causes of infertility in a woman.
It so happens that both the man and the woman are healthy, but pregnancy still does not occur. In this case you should be checked for physiological compatibility of the secretions of the cervix and sperm. Perhaps the women's field is so aggressive to semen men that the sperm cannot reach the egg and can't impregnate her.