Look at one of the many search databases world wide web. Specify the name, surname (if you know), complete address of the person in the corresponding field. If the desired person is listed in this database, you will be able to learn about the various additional information, such as phone number. There are two types of search sites is and paid ( or If database not found any information about the identity, look for it on a paid service. You can also download or buy online-a database of Russian citizens. To get more accurate information looking for a new version of such database. But remember that this is not legal.
Purchase telephone directory Moscow. Carefully read all the pages and if you know the name of a person, you can find it in the list. But this method of search may be fruitless, because most citizens are forbidden to specify different personal details about yourself in these books.
Sign up in popular social networks (, etc.) - you will have access to different functions of the website. In the form to search type in the exact address of the wanted, you can enter additional information about it, for example, frequently visited venues (theatres, libraries, restaurants, cafes). If the person you are looking for, no Internet connection accordingly and access to social networks, visit the approximate area of residence (district, street).
Go to entertainment venues, organizations, institutions, which, in your opinion, can visit this. Describing the appearance, age or by showing photos of the wanted person (if you have one) ask people, maybe someone will recognize him.