The wheels are heated on all the machines. Someone didn't pay attention to it, others really care. From the point of view of physical laws, the heated wheel is a normal phenomenon, especially in urban environments. The machine is constantly moving, slows down, accelerates. All this leads to a friction force. As you know, the friction of one surface on another a fever.

Riding in the summer

If the movement of the car takes place in the summer, the wheels are heated from contact with hot asphalt. Plus, the sun's rays affect the tires, heating them. In the end while riding in the summer, you can smell the tar that comes from the wheels. This is a normal phenomenon. Importantly, this process was not associated with breakdowns.

Tires in Formula 1"

In road racing class "Formula 1" pilots of the two hours travel over two hundred kilometers. High speed, continuous overtaking, cornering, braking cause the tires rapidly heat up and begin to fade, deform. As a result, each of the participants of the Grand Prix definitely at least twice the calls in the pits to change tyres. Otherwise, significantly reduced the speed of the car, from the tires flying pieces of rubber.

Riding in urban environments

All this applies to higher speeds when the rider is racing on the limit, constantly maneuvering. In urban environments also heated wheel, though not much to cause deformation. Why, then, on some vehicles, the heated tires that they cannot be touched?

In this case there are some fault.

First, if the disks are not ventilated, it leads to rapid overheating. Of course, the hot disks warm tires.

Secondly, when Gavarnie pads are pressed excessively, it leads to overheating of the discs. As indicated above, this heat up the tires. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the work pad.

Third, if the base of the caliper is not working properly, it also leads to overheating of wheel.

The wheels on the bus hot. The laws of physics can not escape. Large speed, braking, turns strongly heat up the tires. If the drive takes place on a hot summer day in the city, then the wheels cannot be touched – they are so hot.