One of the simplest solutions is to replace the fuel pump, but in practice this is often not a complete elimination of the problem. For example, replacement of the fuel pump VAZ is worth a lot of money, but he can also heat up, as the previous one. In this case, it will help to repair fuel pump. However, repairs can be done independently, if you find the cause of the problem. One of the reasons – a problem with the cooling system of the car. Inspect all parts, clean if necessary spare parts. If the failure is in the system, it must be replaced. Then, perhaps, the fuel pump will cease to heat up. Cause overheating fuel pump can also be external damage, namely the wear of the gears or rollers in a bulk hydromagnetics, breakage or wear of impeller in a centrifugal. The result is increased temperature of the pump, the reduced dynamics of the vehicle's acceleration drops engine power. Very harmful to drive, as they say motorists, with "red light", that is, with a small amount of fuel in the tank. Especially at high temperatures, on the street. In this regard, the fuel pump is overheating, the brush holder melted, causing brush hang without touching the manifold. Almost the same effect is low-quality fuel, which contains a lot of sulfur. Because of this, the manifold being gradually covered by dark patina, contact with the brushes deteriorates, resulting in brush sparking and the fuel pump is overheating.Should also check the condition of the main filter. Its infestation leads to the appearance of noise in the fuel pump, but is also the cause of overheating and even failure. Finally, the fuel pump of the vehicle can warm up from the short-term and repeated poor connections in circuits to supply power, which apparently can not be shown, but because of them, the fuel pump starts to run in launcher mode.