Advice 1: Why heat the fuel pump

Many motorists are often faced with the problem of strong heating of the pump at a speed of 95-100 km/h. As a result, the machine can do to stop or give some malfunction. Solutions to the problem somewhat, all depends on the design of the vehicle and specific situation. But there are General guidelines that can be used by any motorist. It is important to know where the fuel pump and what operations can produce.
Why heat the fuel pump
One of the simplest solutions is to replace the fuel pump, but in practice this is often not a complete elimination of the problem. For example, replacement of the fuel pump VAZ is worth a lot of money, but he can also heat up, as the previous one. In this case, it will help to repair fuel pump. However, repairs can be done independently, if you find the cause of the problem. One of the reasons – a problem with the cooling system of the car. Inspect all parts, clean if necessary spare parts. If the failure is in the system, it must be replaced. Then, perhaps, the fuel pump will cease to heat up. Cause overheating fuel pump can also be external damage, namely the wear of the gears or rollers in a bulk hydromagnetics, breakage or wear of impeller in a centrifugal. The result is increased temperature of the pump, the reduced dynamics of the vehicle's acceleration drops engine power. Very harmful to drive, as they say motorists, with "red light", that is, with a small amount of fuel in the tank. Especially at high temperatures, on the street. In this regard, the fuel pump is overheating, the brush holder melted, causing brush hang without touching the manifold. Almost the same effect is low-quality fuel, which contains a lot of sulfur. Because of this, the manifold being gradually covered by dark patina, contact with the brushes deteriorates, resulting in brush sparking and the fuel pump is overheating.Should also check the condition of the main filter. Its infestation leads to the appearance of noise in the fuel pump, but is also the cause of overheating and even failure. Finally, the fuel pump of the vehicle can warm up from the short-term and repeated poor connections in circuits to supply power, which apparently can not be shown, but because of them, the fuel pump starts to run in launcher mode.

Advice 2: How to check the fuel pump injector

If the engine injector is bad car starts and works properly, you first need to check fuel system including the fuel pump. This can be done independently.
How to check the fuel pump injector
You will need
  • tester;
  • - the tire pressure gauge of the pump;
  • hose;
  • two of the clamp;
  • - screwdriver.
Check the electrical circuit the fuel pumpand with a multimeter or tester to connect it to the terminals on the wires. If the tester has a signal wiring are OK.
Remove the protective cap fitting the fuel pumpand place a container under it, just a thin slotted screwdriver at the valve. If gasoline goes a thin stream, therefore, the system pressure is low. If the pressure of the gas well, the pressure is normal.
If possible, measure the pressure in the fuel system using the fuel pressure gauge. At home you can use for these purposes the gauge from the tire pump.
Remove the spool from the fitting of the fuel rail. Slip into the hose fitting of the gauge, tighten it with the clamp.
Turn on the ignition, but the engine does not start. The fuel pressure should rise to 2.8 to 3.2 bar and stay at that level. If it is below this figure, check the feed line. To do this, first check the filter located under the body near the fuel tank. Then pay attention to the mesh of the pump. If it is very dirty, remove the fuel pump from the tank, remove the screen and rinse it.
Check the tightness of the joining tube extending from the pump to the fuel rail. Again measure the pressure in the fuel system. If we exclude all faults, and the pressure remains low, we can conclude that the fuel pump is worn. In this case you need to replace it.
Make sure that the fuel flows to the injectors. To do this, inspect the spark plugs. If they are wet, all right. If the candle is dry, check first probe or tester, injector harness connectors. If there is no signal, therefore, it is necessary to search for malfunction in electroconducting.
If the wiring is good (on the tester, there is a signal), Unscrew the fastening of the ramp and lift it up under the intake manifold so that you can see the injectors. Turn on the ignition. If the injector nozzles are not visible trickles of gasoline, then they have failed and require replacement.

Advice 3: Why hot machine

A problem in one compartment of the transport device can incapacitate and entire car. If you feel that the temperature of your vehicle is higher than usual and this continues from time to time, is to figure out the reason why heated car, to the more unpleasant consequences.
Why hot machine
Before checking to see why the temperature of the engine of your car suddenly began to rise, take necessary safety measures: switch off stove and go to the sidelines. Open the hood and wait a while to give a little to cool an overheated engine. In any case, not cool the engine ice with water, as in this case, you risk ruining the engine parts under a sharp temperature difference.
The most innocuous reason that heated car is a clogged radiator grilles. The radiator may be clogged inside as a result of use of the engine on the water or outside for adhering insects, dust and other nuisances. All this dirt does not allow the tubes of the radiator to be cooled through outside air.
To fix the hanging problem, it is enough to wash the radiator. You can do it yourself using a hose with high pressure, or contact the wash.
Often motorists face a problem of engine overheating due to defective operation of the cooling system. This is due to the fact that the cooling system of your car does not have enough fluid. Open the surge tank cap (when engine cool).
If the fluid level in the tank is less than required, inspect the rest of the engine parts: connecting pipe, the surface of the radiator, the liquid pump (pump). Finding these minor smudges and, after ascertaining the cause, eliminate at least temporarily this defect, add coolant to the tank. Before you continue, start the engines and check whether the problem is resolved.
Useful advice
Don't forget to open in hot weather special blinds that manufacturers put in order for winter the car engine has warmed. Remember that over time this device is worn open and not completely, which can lead to overheating of radiator. Time to adjust the drive control blinds.

Advice 4: Why hot hard drive

Hard disk drive (HDD) or hard drive in electronics is a device for magnetic retaining information. It consists of one or several glass or aluminum platters, which are coated with a ferromagnetic alloy. On the plate is written all information that persists even when the computer is off.
Why hot hard drive
Often in the process, the hard disk is heated, and there is a huge risk of losing the information accumulated over a large period of time. Causes of heating may be several. One of them is the failure or loss of cooling capacity of the cooler. Should immediately replace it with a new one. Initially is to purchase a spacious unit system with multiple heat vents and multiple coolers in the kit. With such a housing for a computer will not have to worry about high temperatures inside of him.Possible cause heating of the hard drive you should look for in the power system, checking the voltage in it. Hard disk manufacturers always hope that it will work with a power not exceeding 5 watts. However, under heavy load the computer power supply requires a much higher voltage. Hence, a large power is supplied to the hard disk and heats up. Without hesitation, you need to replace the power unit on more powerful. From an overheated power supply hard drive will "die" faster than from insufficient cooling by the cooler.It happens that for some reason suddenly increases the speed of rotation of the disk. This invariably leads to heating of the hard drive. There are programs that allow you to control the temperature of the hard drive. One of them called it "Hard Drive Temperature". Setting it up and when you hover over the label the cursor, you can immediately see the temperature of the hard disk. The program also allows you to automatically shut down the drive if its temperature exceeds the maximum preset value. There are various analogs of the program "Hard Drive Temperature". One of them - "HDDlife", not only shows the HDD temperature, but the degree of its deterioration. And also, the ability to control the speed of rotation of the disk and reduce it as necessary. Both programs can be downloaded from the Internet in a free access on-demand "utility programs".
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