Meaning military mortgage

Military mortgage gives you the opportunity to obtain a mortgage loan military personnel in the preparation of the necessary documents. This soldier must become a participant in the savings and mortgage system (NIS). The opportunity to participate in NIS comes after a three-year period of military service. The program is open to officers, warrant officers, graduates of military academies, soldiers, sailors.

Meaning military mortgage that the military can purchase a house using a target loan, the repayment of which will be he, and the defense Ministry. It charges funds in a savings account that you can send in a down payment. If these funds prove insufficient, the officer may provide his own means. It is worth considering that state aid is terminated upon the dismissal of the borrower from the armed forces.

You can buy an apartment in any city, not necessarily that in which the soldier is serving. Property can be purchased in the secondary or primary market or in an area of complex low-rise construction. But there are restrictions on the types of purchased housing. Mortgages cannot be issued for housing in the Khrushchev, in a newly built housing, communal, small family.

The interest rate on military mortgage starts from 9.5%. The borrower must be of age from 25 to 45 years old at the time of obtaining a mortgage. The minimum amount of credit - 300 thousand rubles, the maximum is 2.3 million rubles crediting Period - from three to achieve 45 years.

With a military mortgage programs are used by many banks. Among them, such as Sberbank, VTB24, Bank of Moscow, URALSIB, Rosselkhozbank, etc.

The documents for military mortgage

To obtain a military mortgage, the borrower must provide the Bank participating in the program, a full package of documents. In it includes:

- certificate of the participant of NIS, which includes a target housing loan;

- application form for a mortgage;

- passports of the borrower and spouse;

- consent to the processing of personal data;

- consent of a wife for the purchase of housing;

- marriage contract (at presence);

- marriage certificate.

In addition, you will need documents for the acquired property - copies of passports of owners, certificate of ownership of the apartment, certificate of BTI, a contract of sale, documents of the absence of encumbrances on the apartment, the inquiry on absence of debts on utility services. The above list can vary depending on the Bank.