Where it all went

The first official mention of the visit to Earth by aliens date back to the nineteenth century. However, at that time did not exist no term "alien," nor the concept "unidentified flying object". These definitions appeared only in the mid-twentieth century, when, according to this version, crashed aircraft aliens.

It happened in Roswell (Washington) and has caused the big public resonance. People who saw the information on the front pages of Newspapers, not a little frightened, but the American authorities managed to hush up the situation, insisting that the detected object is nothing like a weather balloon.

The existence of aliens if they should believe?

So if there are aliens, really? To date, ufologists do not have absolute facts, but the circumstantial evidence does not give reason to close the dispute. For example, the stone balls of Costa Rica scattered on the ground in a geometric sequence, or huge drawings on the Nazca plateau.
It is possible that these artifacts of mysterious origins testify to the intervention of extraterrestrial intelligence.

And although doubt on this account enough to believe all the rumors about meetings with aliens may not be worth it. Many people see something glowing and moving across the sky, and start screaming about a flying saucer. Although in fact science has long stepped forward, and available today which has an unusual design aircraft, satellites, helicopters.

The flash is also not prove that aliens exist, and their evil intent is not necessarily a capture of the planet Earth. It can be ordinary atmospheric changes.
As for the abductions and scan the human brain, it is worth noting that many similar stories were associated with mentally ill people.

Will the aliens, risking to be uncovered, after the abduction to return the person back to Earth? Or if they start a conversation with him, sitting on his bed? This kind of mystical history look to put it mildly, doubtful on the background stories about the extraordinary alien overmind.

Man tends to see what he wants. Perhaps that is why people who are passionately willing to meet with an unusual extraterrestrial so often think about it that in the end, their mind gives them that opportunity.

However, there is another version - data that is able to resolve a dispute about the possible existence of aliens can be classified. That is why absolute proof regarding aliens visiting Earth humanity has not.