First and foremost is to distinguish the Ghost from all other similar entities poltergeist, a house and other spirits. Poltergeist generally referred to as the totality of the spirits, a collective name, and the house - embodied entity that seeks to help the person-the owner. According to Slavic mythology, barabashka is a little home spirit that does not exist on the astral, but on a very physical level. Just barabashka invisible man, because they find the space-time holes, and because they can disappear from one point of reality and then appear in another.
According to the same mythology barabashka considered neutral: they do not carry negative or positive to the human world. They live only in the houses of man to feed on their sales of energy. While barabashka are not energy vampires, taking power from people. They eat a peculiar fruit of human activity in terms of energy. Any individual engaged in physical or intellectual work that diffuses around itself embodied energy, which needed to come out.
Sometimes barabashka, according to the "grandmother stories" are mischief to the person. Loud sounds they emit can not, but because sometimes cause creaking floorboards, tapping, Poselkovaya, coughing, etc. Small children they may be scary and appear to them in a strange guise. Generally barabashka are described as follows: a fluffy ball of about 5-30 cm in diameter. But also, the Ghost may take other forms, for example, appear in the image of a cat. But about whether or not barabashka turn into inanimate objects, no information.
It is believed that if you have a good brownie come out can not be afraid. Brownie quickly pacified a Ghost, if he suddenly decides to prove himself. However, the presence of hobgoblins also has not been proved. In the everyday understanding of home is the one energy that is present in the house: if the family has peace and quiet - house or energy is good, but if discord and strife is bad energy. But these are logical arguments. The "chosen" believe in the existence of the old house and come out. People with supernormal think barabashek can learn to find the space-time hole, but how to do it, they don't specify. Probably only they are subject to the procedure of communication with barabaschi.
The building was considered a fortress for its owners a long time. It is not necessary to give the rule of the house allegedly supernatural forces: barabashka, goblins or the like. If of the house if something throws, you want to leave the apartment, it may just need to do a spring cleaning or repairs. And then the house will not be cobwebs near the ceiling, creating strange shadows, cold drafts, opening doors without human intervention, and creaking from the damp boards in the floor. If the family love and harmony, I want to come home regardless of the presence of invented spirits and other entities. And suggestions about superhumans exile barabashek and other imaginary beings they probably are just able to cheat gullible people.