Cat breed Maine Coon has original appearance, and surprisingly peace-loving character. Their weight can reach 15 pounds, and the coat length of 10-15 cm For such a large animal required special care. Therefore, if you decide to get a kitten of Maine Coon, you should know the basic rules of maintenance of the apartment.

The contents of the Maine Coon

First of all it is necessary to organize the animal a balanced diet. In the diet of the Maine Coon should include more vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. With this, you can buy special animal dry food (preferably premium) or to cook using natural meat products.

Because of its impressive size, Maine coons will eat much more feed than cats of other breeds.

To include Maine coons, it is recommended to large-sized apartments for the animal to feel free and not restricted in movements.

Caring for animals: combing

When it comes to caring for Maine coons, special attention should be paid to brushing the cats. Hair Maine coons are very long, but caring for her is easier than it might seem at first glance. Comb the animal need 1-2 times a week with a special comb for wool and undercoat.

The maximum length of the coat of Maine coons falls on the flanks of the animal. In this area most often formed mats and thus comb them carefully need. You must also carefully brush the mane and "pants" of Maine coons.

To comb the Maine Coon is better in several stages: first the tail, then the sides and back, then chest and "pants", and only after that the hard to reach area – the stomach. The tail should be brushed very carefully, not to hurt the hair, because hair in this area grows slowly.


Maine coons, like all other cats need not be bathed often. However, if the animal is heavily soiled or you prepare it to show, without this procedure can not do.

For starters get at the pet store special shampoo for Maine coons. Wet animal hair and apply shampoo to his skin and hair. If the shampoo is too concentrated, dilute it with water before you apply. RUB the shampoo until a rich lather appears. It should be evenly distributed throughout the length of the coat. Then thoroughly rinse the foam with warm water, avoiding contact with the eyes and ears of the animal.

The water temperature for bathing a Maine Coon should not exceed 38°C.

After bathing, ensure that the animal was in a warm room and falling on the drafts.

Caring for eyes and ears

If the Maine Coon sour eyes, wash them with ordinary black tea or brew of chamomile. After a few days the mucus in the corners of the eyes the cat will cease to accumulate. Otherwise, the animal should be taken to a vet.

Also don't forget to wipe the ears of the Maine Coon from accumulating sulfur in it. Do it better with cotton swabs, pre-moistened their miramistina. During this procedure be careful not to damage the ear of the animal.

Dental care

Brush your teeth Maine Coon you can use pet toothpaste (sold at major pet stores) and a child's toothbrush. Open your lips cat with one hand while the other clean her teeth and massage gums.

Ensure the diet of your pet attended hard feed. They will also help to cleanse the teeth of the animal. With the same purpose in the pet store you can buy a special plastic gum for cats.