The domestic cat belongs to the predatory animals. The main diet of furry pet should consist of meat, fish and dairy products. Of them animals get the required amount of protein and fat.

Vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and minerals

The basis of the normal state of health of cats is always correctly balanced diet. In addition to the proteins and fats animals need to eat enough of minerals and vitamins.

Their basic kit contains all the fresh fruits and vegetables, and in green. For this reason, the cat needs to give as much vegetable food as she asks for the owners. Cats are happy to eat green vegetables and sometimes even eat fruit.

A clever animal able to determine what kind of plant feeding needs and select it from the hosts diet. To remedy the lack of vitamins A and C, a small predator can, after eating cucumber, zucchini or pumpkin.

Animals often eat carrots and beets, tomatoes and even watermelons melons. There are cats that like raisins and apricots, much to surprise of their owners. It is also useful to give four-legged friend cabbage leaf, dill and parsley.

Animals first, you need iron, which is green in abundance. Cats living in the apartments all the time, and walking only on the balcony, you need to grow special cat grass in a pot. Otherwise the animal will eat all the flowers in the house. If the pet periodically walking on the street, he will always find the right herbs myself.

How to feed a cat fruits and vegetables

Veterinarians recommend giving vegetables and fruits cats raw. This will ensure the maximum benefit from their use, although furry animals are happy to eat and vegetable stew. Vegetables need to be cut, greens finely chop.

Excess plant food is harmful to animals, and if the chair of a cat appeared pieces of undigested vegetables, it is necessary to exclude raw food.

To give vegetables recommend kittens from 7-8 weeks. Until that time, their intestine cannot properly digest raw plant mass. Vegetables RUB on a small grater or cut into small pieces.

To lure kittens vegetables cautiously, watching their health. If there is flatulence or diarrhea, needs to go to their usual diet.

An adult cat will always produce what they needed for food. If your pet loves cucumbers or raw potato, no need to wait when it'll pull them from the kitchen table, the best time to put a treat in the cat bowl.