Physiological causes of poor sleep during pregnancy can be explained by several factors: the load on the body increases; digestion is upset; bloating discomfort; difficult breathing; manifest back pain, legs, lower part of abdomen; night can cause convulsions. In the later stages of pregnancy is very difficult to find to sleep in a comfortable position. Back to bed is harmful in that position all the internal organs are extremely compressed, moreover, can disrupt the blood circulation, stomach sleep is simply unsafe for the unborn child. In addition, the movement of the baby if it lacks of oxygen in the unfortunate position, is also not conducive to good sleep. In this case, can help special pillow for pregnant women, which allows you to provide the body the ideal position in space.
The most popular type of pillows for pregnant women — huge cylinders with soft fillings, shaped like a horseshoe or the letter U. the Only drawback of these pillows — they need really big bed.
There is no single correct posture for sleeping on a pillow, every woman looks for some your option. However, there are a few basic recommendations. You can try to put your feet on one of the long "legs" of the pillow, propping the second "leg" back, you will need to put your head on the rounded part of the cushion, this will allow the neck in the correct position in which blood flow is established, and vessels are compressed.
You can flip the pillow, put your feet on a rounded part, to slightly lift them. Similarly, you can reduce the swelling.
Soft filler will slightly change the shape of the pillow, try a little flexing of her legs, arranging themselves around the likeness of the cloud, so you can relieve the pain, to make the stomach comfortably and find a comfortable position for the hands, so they did not flow.
Many mothers are afraid to roll over on your back during sleep, which is not recommended as it may harm the health of the woman and her child. Pillow for pregnant women can help in this, it is enough to get her back, getting to sleep on your side, it will not fully turn over into a horizontal position, while the cushion will provide a reliable lumbar support.