When joints are all fine – nothing will not hurt, as they are protected by cartilage. When pain or unusual sounds, you must immediately consult a doctor. The main thing - to know exactly what it is. Initially determine the cause of the bad condition. It is possible that eve was too big sports load, which caused the fall. Any movement of the hands or feet were too sharp. He and the other option gives the possibility of dislocation or cracks bones of the head. Eliminate these problems, consult your doctor the traumatologist, who will prescribe x-rays and determine or refute the diagnosis.
In the absence of injury, but the constant presence of pain in the joints and redness of the skin, when it hurts even just to touch and there is swelling, immediately consult a chiropractor. A doctor will prescribe the necessary examination for the purpose of confirmation or exclusion of rheumatoid arthritis and infectious lesions of the articular tissue. If the disease is identified, medical treatment with the use of a number of antibacterial agents, the selection of which is very individual in each case, as it is important to take into account the human sensitivity to pathogenic microflora.
Another reason for joint pain could be osteoarthritis. Depending on where it is located, it can be divided into: coxarthrosis in the hip joint; osteoarthritis in the knee joint; epicondyles in the elbow joint. All of the above may require quite a long treatment and recovery of both bone and cartilage. In this case, to provide the necessary assistance to use the consultation of a rheumatologist and surgeon, as extreme cases of such diseases can lead to surgery for prosthetic joints.