Advice 1: What kind of doctor treats the joints

Joint pain is never simply appear out of nowhere. You cannot listen to other people and blindly believe that it could be uncomfortable to lie at night or weather conditions self-fulfilling prophecy.
What kind of doctor treats the joints
When joints are all fine – nothing will not hurt, as they are protected by cartilage. When pain or unusual sounds, you must immediately consult a doctor. The main thing - to know exactly what it is. Initially determine the cause of the bad condition. It is possible that eve was too big sports load, which caused the fall. Any movement of the hands or feet were too sharp. He and the other option gives the possibility of dislocation or cracks bones of the head. Eliminate these problems, consult your doctor the traumatologist, who will prescribe x-rays and determine or refute the diagnosis.
In the absence of injury, but the constant presence of pain in the joints and redness of the skin, when it hurts even just to touch and there is swelling, immediately consult a chiropractor. A doctor will prescribe the necessary examination for the purpose of confirmation or exclusion of rheumatoid arthritis and infectious lesions of the articular tissue. If the disease is identified, medical treatment with the use of a number of antibacterial agents, the selection of which is very individual in each case, as it is important to take into account the human sensitivity to pathogenic microflora.
Another reason for joint pain could be osteoarthritis. Depending on where it is located, it can be divided into: coxarthrosis in the hip joint; osteoarthritis in the knee joint; epicondyles in the elbow joint. All of the above may require quite a long treatment and recovery of both bone and cartilage. In this case, to provide the necessary assistance to use the consultation of a rheumatologist and surgeon, as extreme cases of such diseases can lead to surgery for prosthetic joints.

Advice 2: What doctor treats arthritis and arthritis

Sometimes after a run or performing any physical exercise begin a sharp crackle joints and pain. She could almost from the abyss, but sometimes annoying over long periods of time. Such an unpleasant symptom may indicate arthrosis or arthritis.
What doctor treats arthritis and arthritis

Arthritis and arthrosis: definitions and main differences

These two diseases have almost identical symptoms the only difference is that one kind is in the nature of short-term, unpleasant and acute pain, and other permanent and blunt. So, where it begins and ends with arthritis arthrosis?

Osteoarthritis is a disease that destroys the cartilage layer and is manifested short-term pain. It appears quickly and suddenly. This destruction occurs due to inability of this layer to cope with high physical activity.

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints with a constantly high temperature and swelling of the affected part. This disease if untreated, deprives a person of the ability to move the patients joint.

The differences between these diseases include:

- the difference between the zones: while osteoarthritis affects the cartilage, and arthritis – joints.

- the nature of the disease.

And in fact, in other disease there are primary and secondary occurrence. However, the reasons for their different manifestations. In the first case, the manifested osteoarthritis due to age and arthritis due to various microorganisms or when rheumatism. In the secondary onset of osteoarthritis is to blame genes, excess weight and high loads, and arthritis – the disease.
To diseases that can cause arthritis include: systemic lupus erythematosus – rash in the shape of a butterfly; Lyme disease – a disease transmitted by ticks, it is also characterized by the manifestation of skin rashes.

What kind of doctor treats arthritis and arthritis

A doctor specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of arthritis and other diseases of the joints, called astrologos. Physician such narrow specialization can be found in many Western hospitals. At the initial examination astrolog usually examines the patient and assigns the appropriate diagnostic studies (x-ray and ultrasound, laboratory diagnosis, rheumatology test). If necessary, astrolog conducts intra-articular and extra-articular manipulations: introduces hormones, carries on the blockade of the pain areas with analgesics.

In our country, such a specialist can be found in each public health clinic. Meanwhile, the joint problems in Russian hospitals involved just three of the doctor: orthopedist, rheumatologist and surgeon. Each of them assigns the treatment at different stages of the disease.

In light and fast-ending pains in the joints should contact a doctor rheumatologist. He will examine your joints and, if necessary, prescribe x-rays. The results of the examination, the rheumatologist may prescribe medical treatments or pharmaceuticals.

With the unbearable and acute pain, which is often indicative of arthritis, you should consult a surgeon. He will carefully examine your joints and, if necessary, will schedule the surgery. Without surgical intervention is sometimes just not enough.
The concept of "operation", in this case, included the introduction of synthetic lubrication in the affected area or inserting the prosthesis.

If the pain have a more protracted and continuous nature, it must be a podiatrist. The doctor can prescribe the constant wearing of special equipment or tires.
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