You will need
  • - access to the Internet
  • check "Vkontakte".
Go to your page "Vkontakte". To do this, open a web browser At the top left in the window that opens, enter your e-mail or phone number which you registered in this social network"; write the password and click "Login".
Analyze whether you need to change the spelling of your name from Russian into English. Most often Russian name is specified in the native alphabet. However, if you associate with fellow foreigners, you can write your name in English. The foreign name is also better to specify in the Latin alphabet, especially if it contains letters, which have no analogues in the Russian language.
At the top left of the page next to "My Page" a team "ed.". Click it to edit your name and surname. You will see a window with your personal data.
Delete the entries in the fields "Name" and "Surname". To do this, activate the appropriate fields alternately with the left mouse button, and then press "Delete" or "Backspace".
Change the input language from Russian to English. This is usually done by Ctrl+Shift or Alt+Shift. You can also select the desired alphabet on the taskbar. Click on the "EN" with the left mouse button, then will pop up a list of languages that were fixed on the language bar. Click on "EN English". After that, the text that you type will be written in Latin letters.
Activate the Name box, click. Write back your data in English letters. Similarly, fill in the field "Surname". Even if your name has letters that look the same in Russian and English, use to print only Latin characters. Otherwise you would be impossible to find using the "Search". Some letters of the Russian alphabet have no equivalents in the English language. To avoid confusion with the reading of your name, it is better to write the name exactly as it appears in your passport. Or you can use the rules of transliteration that are offered in the MIA Order No. 310 dated 26.05.1997.
Click "Save" at the bottom of the page. Now your name is written in "Vkontakte" in English letters. It will be displayed on your home page, in correspondence and in the news feed of your friends if you'll leave on the wall of any notes or change the status. Despite the fact that now your name is written in English letters, you can find in the "Search" feature, even if the query was created using the Russian alphabet.