Previously, it was difficult

A few years ago to change the personal data of the user in the social network Vkontakte was quite difficult. If you read articles and reviews from site members on this topic, we will see how this process was problematic. The fact that earlier application for a change of name was considered manually. Checked them ordinary people – moderators, on which depended the final decision on the change of first name or surname. Therefore, this process was delayed in time up to several months. In addition, the user needed to verify your identity, for what the moderators might be asked to provide scan of passport, driving license or any other identity document. Complaints of participants of the Vkontakte administration did regarding the name change by marriage or divorce. And quite often the requests of users are rejected. Yes, and the name change was only possible once a year and only in the case when the application was considered justified. Perturbing the forum was extremely dissatisfied with the operation of the site and moderators, what you've repeatedly made posts in the group Vkontakte and on other "meeting place" of the Internet.

In 2009, the procedure for changing names on the website was "paid" for it had to give as collateral dialed voice that after successful registration, return to the bonus account of the user.

Currently all became much easier. For the change of name or any other personal data – name, date of birth, place of residence etc. – now there is a special page where the user can make all necessary settings and absolutely free.

To change the name – no problem

To start changing the names of Vkontakte, the user needs to log in to your account in the social network. How to do it, it is hardly necessary to explain: if you checked Facebook, the problems with accessing the profile should arise.

Once in your account, under personal photo, find the link "Edit page", click on it and go to settings. Name is under "General". Here you can also change the name, date of birth, gender, marital status, hometown, add grandparents, children, grandchildren, parents, brothers and sisters. Second line from the top dedicated name. Using your keyboard's Delete key or click the arrow button erase the original text and type the new name. Below - the line "Maiden name" - you can write another name or leave this field blank.

According to the rules of the social network Vkontakte, it is customary to specify the real data. They should be written in Russian language, so other users will be easier for you to find on the website. However, to comply with the recommendations or to Express individuality, only you can decide. Therefore, in the column "Name" in the edit section of your page, you are entitled to write what you think is right. To change your personal data on the website can be an unlimited number of times. Only after the change of name or edit the other sections don't forget to click "Save" to consolidate the final version.