If tilted uterus is a special way to approach the choice of poses for conception. The most optimal are: missionary, "doggie-style".
Missionary position is traditional. The woman lies on her back, her legs should be spread apart and slightly prosohnut to feet on the surface. The man lies over her, leaning on his elbows and knees. In this position the member penetrates deeply into the vagina bringing the sperm closer to the uterus. Doctors recommend to use this position for conception if there are deviations of the uterus forward.
For variety it can be modified, thus changing the angle of penetration and the sensations. For example, a woman remains in the same position as in the traditional missionary position, and the man makes support on straight arms. This option may be suitable for women with a certain tilted cervix.
Another variation of this posture. The woman lies on her back and her legs on the shoulders of the partner. In this position the member into the vagina as deeply as possible.
"Doggie-style" - a woman stands legs spread, leaning on her hands and knees, a man behind her. It is often called the "pose of cancer". In this position occurs in a special massage the point G. According to doctors it is an excellent option for conception with a tilted cervix.
One variety of "doggie-style" is the knee-elbow posture. In this case, the woman relies on knees and elbows, arching your back so that the pelvis was as high as possible. This position provides deep penetration and is perfect when tilted uterus back.
Another option is the "side-lying". In this position the active role goes to the man. Partners lie on your side. There are several options: the legs both can be bent at the knees, straight or a woman can lift one leg up, as well as partner can lie down with legs bent, and the man is straight. It all depends on personal characteristics of the organism, because small changes in position changes the angle of insertion of the penis into the vagina.
“lying on your side”
The time of conception should be in the ovulation period. It should be noted that in addition to the choice of poses you need to select and time. A woman should not experience stress, you may prefer the period before bedtime as after intercourse, it is not recommended to get. The minimum time is 10-20 minutes. While the missionary position is best at the end of the act of a woman standing in a pose "birch", lifting her legs high up, with the "knee-elbow" or "doggie-style" you need to lie on your stomach - this will facilitate the movement of sperm to the uterus, conception will be more likely.