To check your own balance, the user must dial the short number of USSD-request to *102#. In addition, all customers round the clock available service called "Balance on screen". Once it has been activated on the mobile device screen will display the account balance, which will be constantly updated. To request this service, dial a special command *110*902#. Remember, however, that the use of "Balance on screen", the operator will remove charged 50 cents.
The subscribers of "Beeline", wishing to know the status of the personal account of another user, you must call the special number +79033888696 and wait for a response operator. Then just inform him the mobile number, the balance of which you want to check. Please note that the room may be specified exclusively through +7 and no other way. After the phone number be sure to enter the #sign.
Once you have all the required steps, you will hear an answering machine, which will tell you about the account you are interested in the user. It is worth noting that to check someone else's balance available single room +79052006696. Such verification does not take much time, you will need to follow the simple instructions of the answering machine. The use of any of these rooms is completely free for any of the clients "Beeline", but the subscribers of other operators it may cost a certain amount.