You will need
  • - ammonia, or vinegar,
  • terrycloth towels or sheets,
  • - coffee beans
  • - air ionizer.
In this situation, the ventilation helps in most cases, however, there is a significant drawback is the duration of the procedure. Therefore, immediately proceed to the General cleaning until the smell had managed to penetrate deeply in all surfaces. Take out all surviving things and get rid of those items, which can be a hotbed of unpleasant odors.
Surviving curtains, linen and carpets a thorough machine washing with prolonged ventilation in the fresh air or give to the dry cleaners, there'll really get your things in order. Check ventilation if the pull is weak, then take the first fixing problems. Thanks to the good ventilation the smell of burning after a fire will evaporate faster. Often ventilate the room or turn the air conditioner.
If the fire was not very strong, then you can make cosmetic repairs in order to get rid of the smell of smoke and fumes. After a severe fire, if the walls became black, you will have to clear the room down to the concrete boxes, removing from the walls of Wallpaper, and deep cleaning them. Throw the floor and, if applicable, plasterboard partitions.
Thoroughly wash the ceiling and doors with the addition of water, acetic acid or ammonia. With this solution you will be able not only to wash the soot and smoke, but also eliminate the unpleasant smell of which managed to soak the whole apartment. To get to inaccessible places and to facilitate the process of cleaning will help you a great device is a steam cleaner.
After the General cleaning take a few towels or sheets, moisten and hang on interior doors and in the rooms. A damp cloth will absorb all unpleasant odors, so you should take advantage of this effective method. After the towel dries out, wet it again and hang up.
Put a dish of grain roasted coffee and arrange the rooms. If possible, use an ionizer, which are able to absorb and neutralize all odors, including after the fire.