What is the cough

Coughing people of any age is a protective reaction of the organism to the mucus production of the nasal mucosa. It can also be a symptom of many diseases, which are often called the common cold. This diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tract, flu or sore throat. As well as bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis and sinusitis. Under the cough may disappear and allergies.

The cough is dry and wet. If the child is coughing hysterically, and when the coughing fits occur at night, you need to be wary. These symptoms may indicate the onset of the whooping cough. A muffled cough could be the harbinger of pneumonia or tuberculosis. Most often found in children "barking" cough. It can seriously damage the vocal cords. This is most likely a symptom of viral diseases. Cough appears with the formation of phlegm. This may be a sign of bronchitis or pneumonia.

The first thing to do is to see a pediatrician. In any case it is impossible to self-medicate. This can complicate diagnosis and recovery of the child.

How to treat cough in kids

Before the arrival of the doctor, who will diagnose and will provide expert assistance for the baby, can make baby a gentle massage. To do this, putting him on his tummy, need 1-2 minutes to make a stroking motion on the back, slaps in the lung area. Of course, it should be done with great care.

Especially often problems with infectious diseases occur in children who are bottle-fed. If for some reason the child is deprived of breast milk, you should pay special attention to the prevention of viral diseases.

You need to eliminate odors: tobacco smoke, chemicals, etc. the Cough also occurs as a reaction to very dry or too warm air. For the prevention of viral diseases and allergic reactions must observe the following rules:

- always ventilate the room in which the baby;
to maintain the optimum temperature in the room to monitor the humidity in it;
- do not overheat the baby.

If the cough is accompanied by sputum, the child's diet during the illness should contain more protein and less carbs. If the baby refuses to eat - does not matter. His body all the forces sent to fight the disease. After a few days your appetite will return to the child. Then, instead of heavy meals have to offer him light meals such as pudding or fruit puree.

The important thing is to provide regular drink. Liquid not just removes toxins from the body. It helps to separate sputum. Kids need to give tea, juice, compote. Or just plain water. Do not abuse herbal decoctions. They can cause allergic reactions and worsen the disease. For this reason, it is better not to use in the treatment of med. In the first year of life children also contraindicated means comprising camphor.