Doctors divide cough into wet (productive) and dry (unproductive). These terms speak for themselves. Dry cough does not help to rid the body of harmful substances, and only exhausting the crumbs, not allowing him to fully relax and to sleep, irritating the respiratory tract. Do not run such a cough, hoping it will pass without treatment. This is dangerous, because often it turns into bronchitis. Immediately consult your doctor and start treatment to deal with dry cough can be quite fast. The pediatrician will prescribe medications that suppress the cough reflex, the baby could rest and gain strength to fight the infection.
Carefully observe the condition of the crumbs. Usually, cough begins as dry and then becomes wet. A wet cough brings mucus, which zastaivayas, can absorb harmful substances and poison the body of the baby. Therefore, to suppress a wet cough with medication can not. In this case, the child needed drugs to facilitate liquefaction and removal of phlegm. They, too, must assign a pediatrician. Helps the expulsion of phlegm from the body of the child, massage of the back, and breathing exercises.
If the body temperature is not elevated, put a compress heated to 40-45 degrees sour cream. Warm it in a water bath, moisten a cotton cloth with it, put the baby on his back, avoiding the heart area. The top cover of the compressor paper, and then woollen cloth. Secure the compress with a towel and hold it in for an hour or two. For the sickness quickly passed, give the baby warm milk with Borjomi, a children's tea with honey, lemon or raspberry (if not allergic).