Apartments, small and large, standard and not much can surprise an original interior or repel tasteless design. Starting repairs, you need to determine the idea. Help in this photo gallery and construction (design) websites which exist on the Internet a huge amount.

Having determined the style, you can go to the online design. Special programs will help to consider all the details, from design to the texture of the Wallpaper from the location of the sofa the color of the pillows.

The design program online

Sweet Home 3D is a free and functional software, which will help the user to realize even the most fantastic idea. It consists of four sectors. In the first you need to choose the type and add Windows and doors as needed.

The second part is a two-dimensional measurement, is a drawing, which can move objects. The most interesting third part is 3D. And the fourth section is a list of used items.

All the objects can freely move and adjust the size. But this easy to use program, there are also disadvantages: the lack of texture, it is impossible to choose the color of flooring and Wallpaper.

The program StolPlit 3D, in contrast, can be papered room Wallpaper and choose the flooring.

Visually simulate the room to help Aston dizayn. In option, already included a large range of furniture: from children to office. Another handy design software PRO100. Its toolbar contains the alignment, momentum, positioning and oncoming. Besides PRO100 allows viewing in seven projections and the use of graphic elements: transparency, contouring and dushevnie. Plus attracts light projection, sketch, texture, frame, color realistic rendering.

Principles of online design

Any of the above programs works on five basic principles. You must first create a room (new project). Next, you need to specify the dimensions of the room, in most online programs, you can stretch the length and height of the wall along the way. In the third stage placed the Windows and doors, on the fourth or furniture. And the fifth step is the most interesting when you can experiment with Wallpaper and floors, rearrange the furniture without much effort.

Selecting the program and the concept of the interior, you can safely proceed to the online design. Most programs are free and work with them, you should read the instructions. They are available both for professionals and ordinary users.