Advice 1: How to weave hairpiece

Even those who used to wear their hair short, sometimes you want to change your style and make a bouffant updo. In this situation, will earn the hairpiece. It can be done such that even the most watchful eye can't distinguish the false hair to your own. Hairpiece can buy in the store or to weave. In both cases, it is important to find the hair so that they fully meet your not only in color but also in structure.
How to weave hairpiece
You will need
  • - long natural hair;
  • - 2 rack.
  • - a simple wooden table;
  • - nylon yarn the color of the hair;
  • - metal pin;
  • - 3 guitar Colca:
  • - ruler:
  • pencil;
  • - 3 coil;
  • - hand drill;
  • - a bowl of water;
  • - round disc with a diameter of 5-6 cm.
  • - thick needle.
Make treebank. Attach to the table 2 vertical posts at a distance of 65-70 cm from each other. The rack can be removable. In this case, the edge of the table just clamped using a clamp. If nothing suitable at hand, just fasten to the table the same distance Reiki. They should stand strictly vertically.
Two racks, pin and the three guitar tuning pegs make treebank
From the top left rack, measure 5-7 cm and make a mark. Here is the first peg. Second you need to attach strictly at first, and the third under the second. The distance between the pegs is equal to the interval between the top of the stand and top. On the right front mark the spot for the pin. It should be placed strictly in front of middle peg. Attach all the necessary details. For pegs it is most convenient to make holes.
If nylon thread is wound on one big reel, rewind them on 3 small. Hairpiece for each thread must be at least 6 m. Coils are put on pins. Fix them so that the winding direction was the same. Pull the loose ends of the threads between the pegs and the pin and tie in a knot between the uprights, at a distance of 5 cm from the right.
To start the netting, take Tres strand consisting of 10-20 long hairs. Moisten it with water. Swipe the end of the section next to the node facing away from you on top of the lower thread around the middle and along the top, and bring the end to itself over the top of the thread. Swipe it away between the upper and middle threads and bring yourself into the gap between the middle and bottom. Tighten the lock, slide it to the knot and press firmly. Nodules up to each other is most convenient with a needle. You have 2 strands of different length. The short end should not be less than 4 see the Remaining strands of weaves in the same way. Sure that they were tightly pressed against each other.
Tres to hairpiece it is quite long. It is necessary to sew. This is done in a circle. First you make a ring, wrapped the end around Tres blanks. The hole need to wear a chignon on your own hair, tied in a ponytail. Then sew in a circle, trying to bind the turns as evenly as possible. The circle should be flat.

Advice 2: How to make Tres

Tres is a few thin strands of hair woven in a special way. Such weaving is called trebovaniem. It is used for making theatrical wigs, hairpieces, braids, curls.
How to make Tres
Prepare the necessary tools and materials. You will need the hair in the required quantity, treebank, card, water tank, clamps.
Perform the necessary preparatory work. Desktop secure stand treebank, then pull the threads on tuning pins and secure the card clamps. Filament it is best to take a nylon or synthetic, so they can withstand exposure to chemicals when bleaching and dyeing.
Wrap the threads on splitting the right post and strengthen them in their respective holes. The ends of the threads to pull zatsepu left post and secure it with a simple knot. Remove the upper rod and tie all three strands together about two to three inches from the toe of the left stand, do at least two nodes, which will be the beginning of Tres.
Turn each tuning peg in the slot in the direction of winding, so all threads got the same tension.
Place the card on the table right next to the stand and fasten it with the clamp. Place the card in the hair, and to them, a stiff brush be sure the bristles down. Near card place a container of water, which will need to soak the tips used strands of hair. Wet hair is easier to weave, and they are not blooming.
There are Tres in one turn, and two or three turns. Weave in one turn: thumb and index finger of the right hand slide between the first and second thread seizing upon this head laid the hair, then pull it between the threads forward, then down, then back under the third thread. The upper thread should be open, and middle and lower - closed hair.
Then again slide your fingers between the first and second threads, and push the head of hair up and forward.
The thumb and index finger of the right hand push the bottom between the threads so that the first and third threads were drawn forward, and the second thread back. Head hair strands drag between the threads down. After that, pinch the hanging ends of the hair and pull them down, and then the thumb all the netting tight down the left. This will weave the thin Tres, which is the Foundation for all other types of weaving.
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