You will need
  • - artificial or natural hair;
  • barrette;
  • - tracing;
  • glue;
  • - a needle and thread or sewing machine;
  • - a spray bottle with the salt water.
Prepare artificial braids – kanekalon or specially processed natural human hair. Kanekalon is possible to douse boiled water, to better and longer kept the form. If you have hair, make braids in advance, this will give you the opportunity to save time during weaving.
Separate the hair try to separate the strands. To do this, lay them on a sheet of tracing paper in a thin layer, over layer of glue and cover with another sheet. After the glue is dry, often sew on the sewing machine or by hand, then remove the tracing paper.
Divide the head surface into the required number of plots. If you make African braids, ensure that the plots were approximately equal to each other, had smooth edges and were separated from the parting symmetrically.
If at the end of the artificial braids pinned barrette, be sure to hide it when creating hairstyles. To do this, attach the clips to those places which will later be closed with her hair.
Begin to weave the braid in the usual way, from the roots of the hair. Try not to pull strands of hair so as not to damage the bulbs. At the same time, too little tension will cause the hairstyle will look sloppy.
You can first make a ponytail, placing inside strands and then begin braiding braidsusing mixed and artificial your hair.
In order to weave a braid in the hair, bend the patch in half curl and attach to the inside base own spit. The next weave attach to one of her strands of half of the artificial curl, and the second half add to the other strands.
If a few strands and the total length of the braids not fundamental, weaves them gradually, hiding the ends inside of the braid. Gradually your hair will grow in a synthetic braid. If your own hair will stick out, trim them neatly.