Bump from a bundle of long hair

To construct such an intricate hairstyles pre-wash your hair and dry them with a hair dryer. The entire length should carry a bit of foam. If your hair is medium length, for construction cones at patch tail.

It tail be the Foundation of your hairstyle. Make it with a thin elastic. The end of the tail wrap around the base and secure the bump with Bobby pins. Such a construction can be done on the back of the head, on the top, sides or bottom of the head. The protruding tip is to straighten and fix with nail Polish. If you want to create extra volume to the hair, lift the hair around the base of the head using a regular pencil.

How to make a volume bump

To make intricate three-dimensional hair, taking in the basis only of its own locks rather problematic. But if you add to the bundle an oversized sock or roller, it is possible to obtain enough of the original cone.

As in the first case, initially make a ponytail using a thick elastic band. Carefully comb the hair over the entire length of the tail, giving them a maximum smoothness.

Bottom host attach bulk or cut cushion sock, begin to wrap the tail. When he reached the base, spread your hair around the roller is obtained, tighten all with the volume rubber bands or pins.

To vary the first and the second hairstyle, it is possible to produce strands of hair on the sides and curl them using Curling iron or straightened using flat iron.

Bump from the harness

Shot from the harness, just simple fancy hairstyle in which a braid of long or hair extensions. Braid can braid starting from the nape. Then gather it around the base and secure with pins.

Alternatively, you can braid the two braids and make two cones out of my hair. When using pins, decorated with beads, flowers, rhinestones or fabric hair accept variant holiday.

Combined lump of hair

Combined lump of hair – fancy hairstyle, which is made from a beam and part of it curls freely fall to the shoulders.

For the construction of such hairstyles make a ponytail out of the hair collected at the crown. That is, you need to divide all the hair into two parts, one to collect in the beam, the other part to leave freely falling. Loose curls you can cheat with a Curling iron, giving them vertical curls.

Why a lump of hair never goes out of fashion

A lump of hair be invented for several centuries. And this hairstyle never goes out of fashion, as it is considered universal for all occasions. To make the shot easy enough. To create a trendy image don't need to visit an experienced master and a beauty salon. But, despite the simplicity, the intricate of hairstyles depends only on your imagination.