The pros and cons of braids Zizi

The main advantage of this method is speed, because it is completely controlled by will 4 hours. In addition, the classic Africanbraids are much more expensive. Low cost braids Zizi, due to the use of special tools instead of manual work. Unlike conventional African braids, this technology does not involve weaving the hair of natural fibers. In addition to saving time and money, it greatly facilitates the work of stylist. The materials of braids Zizi not disposable. If you wear them carefully and faithfully to care for them, then the old preset, you can braid it again.

Technology Zizi

With such a task as braiding Zizi handle any professional. Beauty salons usually acquire professional quality material and have regular suppliers. Specialist in addition to talk about the future care of the hair. Braid braids Zizi can be and at home, inviting a specialist.

Manufacturers offer a range of colours braids Zizi: more 25. Blanks also differ in shape: has a regular straight, crimped, and wavy and spiral.

The technique of braiding Zizi on is complex. First, you need to wash your hair and carefully comb. Then you have to divide the tufts of hair into strands with a diameter no wider than half a centimeter. Each strand is intertwined with one or two thin braids that are then released through cornrows out.

Braid braids Zizi is recommended on the hair length from 7 to 25 cm, but technology also permits the netting on longer hair.
Zizi braids are made from a lightweight, natural material, therefore do not overburden hair. They are harmless even for thin, weak and split hair. For these reasons, Zizi braid, you can braid even for pregnant and lactating women. Moreover, since this hairstyle doesn't require much time for care, it is perfectly suited for the busy lifestyle of young mothers.

Hairstyles of braids Zizi

Braided pigtails can be considered ready hair, but for variety, you can try different ways to style it. Even direct pigtails it is possible to wind and use the waves to give them volume.

You can braid one or two very tight braids "fish tail".

Braids can be divided into 2 parts, tighten them and stretch around the head with one and other. Secure the harnesses can be a barrette or rubber band.

Braids can be easy to collect at the crown into a ponytail and the elastic band to hide with a few braids wrapped around the base of the tail.

In the principle of small braids Zizi can weave all sorts of braids, for example, a spike or openwork braid Crescent at the bottom of the head.