Advice 1: How to clean entire computer

Windows operating system sooner or later begins to work much slower. This is due to the constant clogging of the hard drive, system files and registry unnecessary data. This usually leads to serious problems in the health system, but at times can cause incorrect operation of certain programs and services. Such a "cleaning" system is recommended to be conducted not less than once per month. But during passive use of the computer, it is possible to reduce the frequency to 2-3 months.
How to clean entire computer
You will need
  • Internet access
  • the administrator account
Clean the system partition of the hard disk using standard Windows tools. To do this, open the properties section and click the "disk cleanup".
How to clean <b>all</b> computer
Clean up the registry. To perform this process yourself is extremely not recommended. Remove or repair important files can lead to failure in the system. Before cleaning the registry it is best to create a restore point. To do this, open the properties of your computer, go to the tab "system protection", select the system drive and click "create".
How to clean <b>all</b> computer
To clean the registry it is best to use special programs. Leaders in this area are utilities RegCleaner and CCleaner. Run one of these programs and click "check". After scanning you will be prompted to delete unnecessary files.
How to clean <b>all</b> computer
Configure the overall system performance. It is better to use the program Advanced System Care, but you can choose any other. Run the program and click on "cleaning Windows". Be sure to check the box next to "registry Errors" and "Junk files". Click "scan", and after the completion of this process "repairs".
How to clean <b>all</b> computer
Useful advice
It is not necessary to use a program to clean the system during active operation.

Advice 2 : How to quickly sell the laptop

If you urgently need money, do not just borrow it from friends and acquaintances. It is better to pay attention to things at home that are not used. Often after purchasing a new laptop, old laptop becomes unnecessary, and it can be a great way of making money.
How to quickly sell the laptop
Before selling the laptop wipe cleaning paper. Test the laptop to be able to show the potential buyer of its capabilities.
Place on several popular urban websites free ad to sell your laptop and enter its price, lowering it to an acceptable level. The buyer on the item that costs less than a similar product, there faster.
If your ad is accepted, make an appointment with a customer on the phone or through e-mail correspondence. When you meet a person show him a laptop and will receive the specified amount of money.
To the nearest metro station is an underground passage, which houses stalls for sale used laptops, computers, mobile phones. Make offer the seller of the point of sale to buy your laptop. If they agree, pass the laptop to the buyer and get the money.
If you are in the markets where they sell laptops and computers, find someone with the poster about buying laptops. Go to the fence and ask him about the amount he is willing to offer for your goods. If the agreed value you are satisfied, pass the laptop to the new owner and take the money.
Go to the Internet sites of stores specializing in the sale of computer equipment and see if these shops buying old laptops. If such information is provided on the website, visit one of the locations used laptops.
To quickly sell the laptop post an ad about selling it in the newspaper, such as "hand in hand", or post on public transport with your contact phone number.

Advice 3 : Pre-training personal computer

Sooner or later your old computer, you will no longer hold, and you decide to buy a new one. Old to throw out, of course, a pity and unwise - so many we sell used computer and adding the remaining amount, rejoice when buying a new.
Pre-training personal computer

But before to sell it, it is necessary to perform some actions through which the new owner will not be able to take advantage of their data. First make a backup of the most valuable materials, video or photo archives. Perfect if you have a USB flash drive or SSD drive to store what You most valuable, as all will be irrevocably destroyed.

Also it is necessary to deactivate and deauthorize the licenses installed commercial programs to a new computer easily to put in and activate. After keeping what You value and how you license formatted, i.e., erase everything from the hard drive in the "My PC" alternately, click the RMB on the hard drives and choose the option *format*, will activate a full format, though it is a longer time, but erases not only the names, but everything else.

A quick format will erase only the names of files, folders and directories, i.e. visually You will not see them, but they will remain in place and can be difficult to make everything readable. Check and make sure that all the data you destroyed, except those that you copied to another storage medium and disconnect it from the system. Then restart the computer. That's all.

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