You will need
  • Internet access
  • the administrator account
Clean the system partition of the hard disk using standard Windows tools. To do this, open the properties section and click the "disk cleanup".
How to clean <b>all</b> computer
Clean up the registry. To perform this process yourself is extremely not recommended. Remove or repair important files can lead to failure in the system. Before cleaning the registry it is best to create a restore point. To do this, open the properties of your computer, go to the tab "system protection", select the system drive and click "create".
How to clean <b>all</b> computer
To clean the registry it is best to use special programs. Leaders in this area are utilities RegCleaner and CCleaner. Run one of these programs and click "check". After scanning you will be prompted to delete unnecessary files.
How to clean <b>all</b> computer
Configure the overall system performance. It is better to use the program Advanced System Care, but you can choose any other. Run the program and click on "cleaning Windows". Be sure to check the box next to "registry Errors" and "Junk files". Click "scan", and after the completion of this process "repairs".
How to clean <b>all</b> computer