You will be able to clean your computer from garbage and speed up his work if you as often as possible to remove unnecessary files to the recycle Bin, but out of it. Click on the "Trash" icon and select "Clear" or configure automatic execution of the operation via the menu "Properties". Next, go to "start menu" and open "control Panel". Select "Programs and features" to navigate to the next stage of the cleaning system.
Wait until the process of updating the list of installed applications on the hard disk. Carefully examine the list and uninstall all unused programs (if their function is known and the installation of applications produced is you). So much you will free up space on your hard drive. To learn more about the status of the disks in the folder "My computer".
To clean your computer from garbage and hasten his work will help the system "disk Cleanup", which is located in the folder with the standard utilities in the menu "start". After starting the application will check the state of the hard drive, and then will offer extra features to remove and free up space on the hard drive. This includes various temporary files, components, memory dump and various data from the Internet.
System performance can deteriorate significantly due to the presence of various viruses and malware. Make sure to do a periodic review of all media information through any antivirus program with updated databases. In addition, some programs on the hard drive impossible to remove completely by hand, and they leave in the system traces that can adversely affect the operation of the system. To thoroughly clean the hard disk and system registry, use any free application available for download on the Internet, like CCleaner or Wise Registry Cleaner.
Install and start the appropriate application. Go to clean Windows from debris and perform a system scan. Once everything is ready, click on the delete trash items. These programs include utilities to optimize system performance and enhance its security. Don't forget to configure the application to perform automatic diagnosis and system checks for the presence of debris and harmful elements every few days.